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Pokemon Blazing Fire Red is a GBA ROM Hack by SIlverstanfan04 based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on November 03, 2022.

Download Pokemon Blazing Fire Red GBA ROM

Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
UpdatedNovember 3, 2022


Pokemon Blazing FireRed is my first attempt at creating and publishing a romhack.
After getting inspired by the countless hacks I’ve seen and heard, I wanted to make something myself that I’m going to share with you all today!
This hack focuses on making Kanto an open/non-linear adventure with a modern take on the region and the features within.

Also, be sure to check out Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel.

What does this hack offer?

Enhancement hacks are very common these days, especially for Firered. So why should you play my hack?

well here’s a list of most features included in my hack as of today!

  • Dynamic level scaling based on how many badges you have
  • Gym challenges are now gauntlets with your only options being to fight or forfeit (after 3 badges are obtained)
  • Toggle-able Exp share with gen 6+ effect
  • Much faster battles and healing at PCs
  • Auto-running using the L button
  • Swap moves in battle using select
  • PSS
  • A DNS system
  • Password system to unlock gifts!
  • Badge based mart inventory
  • Daily and time based events such as limited time sales
  • NPC side quests! complete their tasks to earn rewards!
  • Start the game with any of the 3 starter trios in any town/city
  • More Pokémon from Johto and hoenn are available in Kanto
  • A massive overhaul of Kanto’s map design for new shortcuts and more diverse designs
  • Multiple new key items including a portable PC!
  • New moves from gen 4+
  • A new free-roam option for the safari zone! explore at your own pace without any limits!
  • New areas such as mt moon square from GSC!
  • Berry trees from GSC which replenish daily
  • New NPCs to buy and sell items with
  • and more!


  • added new tiles and revamped a bunch of map designs to be alot more varied and natural while also providing new shortcuts for the player
  • ability to run from the start
  • no tutorial on the controls or how to play
  • fixed OW sprites to match the battle ones better
  • you get an Exp Share instead of shoes after beating brock
  • A new item added, a device which allows the player to re-learn forgotten moves to a pokemon
  • more items can be found in the maps
  • altered the UI to be more refined or add new colours
  • added the move split (patch)
  • added nature stat colours (patch)
  • added the BW2 repel system (patch)
  • removed the annoying flashbacks when you load a save (patch)
  • fixed the micro and tall grass animations and applied them to grass tiles
  • shiny rate is changed to gen 6+ (patch)
  • when choosing to fly you can change the map
  • the fly icon is more simplistic and no longer blinks on screen
  • (Imo it looks nicer)
  • the pokedex and pokemon options in the start menu are swapped to match gen 5+
  • the low HP sound doesnt loop anymore
  • more locations have been added to the map
  • those being: Celedon department store, silph co. and the pokemon league
  • gatehouses and pokemarts now use the mystery gift theme
  • wild mons use AI now instead of randomly using a move (patch)
  • trainer teams have EVs (patch)
  • decapitalization (WIP)
  • added floor number to dungeons/buildings which were missing it
  • viridian forest now uses a unique battle bakground
  • it rains in lavender town now
  • some locations have had name changes to be more specific,
  • e.g: pokemon League is now PKMN Indigo League
  • fixed the pokedex and roaming legendary bugs (patch)
  • there is a new map connecting the first 2 sevii islands (heavy WIP)
  • remixes of dark cave and the ruins of alph replace the duplicate songs used for mt ember and tanoby ruins (both remixes are from my on-haitus gold remake)
  • various text strings have been updated
  • towns and cities in kanto are now populated with pokemon NPCs which roam on rooftops or with humans




  • Spherical Ice
  • Darthatron
  • Hackmew
  • Dreamaker
  • Zeturic
  • DoesntKnowHowToPlay
  • Sierra
  • knizz
  • AkameTheBulbasaur
  • Mr.Pkmn
  • SP458
  • Li Yun
  • Touched
  • FBI
  • LU-HO
  • Jpan
  • Jambo51
  • Shiny Quagsire
  • ghoulslash
  • blackuser
  • jaizu
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