Pokemon Redcurrant & Blueberry Download (updated)

Pokemon Redcurrant & Blueberry is a GBC Rom Hack by TheBlueZangoose based on Pokemon Blue in english. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on March 24th, 2023.

Download Pokemon Redcurrant & Blueberry GBA Rom Hack

Hack ofPokemon Blue

What if Gen 1 had good moves? That’s the entire concept of this ROMhack, and what I endeavoured to enable. But, I didn’t want the player to not know if something was changed or not. So I made sure everything was changed.

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This ROMhack has completely removed all 165 original moves* and replaced them with 200 brand new moves**. Here are the problems I hope this will address:

  • Ghost-type has only one STAB move (Lick) and it’s unusably bad
  • Dragon-type has literally no STAB moves
  • Bug-type moves are very bad and the best Bug-type damage output is on a non-Bug-type!
  • There are literally only two Rock-type moves, and one is atrocious!
  • Fighting type moves are either bad, or have miniscule distribution, making Fighting-type damage a non-issue

With this ROMhack, each type has a variety of moves, from weak to strong, with (hopefully) no big gaps or ommissions.

Every type has at least 13 moves, with a mix of damage and status moves. I’ve included a spreadsheet which has a list of every move, each Pokémon’s moveset, and their TM learnset.

Oh yeah, the TMs have all been updated too, obviously. Wouldn’t work if they didn’t!

The hack is complete, and should be fully playable. It is possible there are glitches I haven’t caught yet.

Other Features

  • Cheat House – found on Route 1, here you get rare items for free and you can toggle badge boosts, experience values and level caps.
  • Trade Stone – evolves Pokemon that previously evolved through trade. Available for free in the cheat house.
  • Fixes that allow previously broken mechanics (e.g. focus energy)
  • Five counter-type moves (one counters all physical moves, one counters all special moves, and three can counter any move with a guaranteed status effect)
  • More helpful error messages when a move doesn’t work
  • Updated dialogs to reflect the new moves, specifically any TMs referenced in the dialog
  • TMs in the Play Corner have become much more affordable
  • Gen 1 miss fixed
  • Struggle changed to typeless (can hit ghosts, is not resisted by rock)
  • All field moves are HMs (unlimited use, cannot be deleted; affects Softboiled, Teleport, Dig) – cannot be learned by leveling up
  • All HM moves are 50BP moves with 100% accuracy and a unique type



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