Pokemon Inclement Emerald GBA Rom [Download]

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Download Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Buffel Saft based on Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald GBA Rom Download

Creator: Buffalo Juice
Version: v1.13 (Custom UI Update 1.5)
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: April 2, 2022

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We said Pokemon Inclement Emerald hack follows the story of Emerald, that’s all you need to know. An interesting point is that some areas like the Battle Frontier are not accessible yet, but the game will receive some updates in the future.


Pokemon Inclement Emerald story may be the same, but the features are what make this game stand out. You can choose between three levels of difficulty. In normal mode, the trainer’s Pokemon have no EVs. Hard mode has EVs and is slightly more difficult than the normal game. The third level of difficulty is Challenge mode, which is the same as Hard difficulty, but this time you cannot use items in battle. Speaking of items, this is another feature where the number of items can go up to 999. The Pokemon list also goes up to Gen 7 with a collection of all Pokemon.


  • Most non-legendary Gen 1-7 Pokemon can be obtained
  • New ways to find Pokemon keep the grass from getting too crowded – trimmed trees, sand hills, and berry trees
  • At the beginning of the game, choose one of the regional starters
  • Pokemon that usually evolve through trading have alternate evolution methods
  • New moves, abilities, items and mechanics from Gen 4-7
  • Mega Evolution
  • In-game Pokedex shows base stats, learning sets, egg moves, and more
  • Certain fan favorites like Milotic and Flygon can finally Mega Evolve
  • Custom Exp-Share system
  • 100 TMs, 8 HMS and 143 tutor moves
  • Reusable TMs
  • Improved AI
  • Trainers and wild Pokemon scale based on the level of the party
  • Normal, Hard and Challenge modes
  • Changes to base stats, types, moves, movepools, items, and abilities to make many Pokemon stronger
  • The bag can contain 999 items
  • decapitalization
  • Alternative HM system
  • Improved berry system
  • EV, IV, and Nature Changer NPCs in game
  • A few maps have new areas
  • Postgame rematches

Changelog v1.13 Custom UI update 1.5

  • This is the same v1.13 edition but with additional patches for custom Pokemon Combo Type Forms and other features provided by the creator’s official server! (Some bugs may appear due to the new UI)
  • Some previous bugs that were reported have been fixed!
  • Quality of life improvements in the game!
  • NPC’s for other custom features in Littleroot Town!
  • And much more with the Custom UI update!

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What’s next?

  • Generation 8 Pokémon and Battle Mechanics (Items, Moves, Abilities, etc.)
  • Another difficulty setting above Challenge Mode (similar to Eternal X/Wilting Y’s Madness Mode)
  • Standard version – depending on the response!
  • Overhaul of the AI ​​- there is still a lot of room for improvement
  • Completely redesigned battlefront, featuring Pokémon from all eight generations
  • A few new modes for each facility (maybe 6v6 and reverse combat? We’ll see).
  • Expanded Post-Game with all Legendary Pokemon available and some additional things to do

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