Pokemon ​Emerald++

Pokemon ​Emerald++ Download (GBA Rom)

Pokemon ​Emerald++ is a GBA Rom Hack by mynameisPooky Based on Pokémon Emerald in english. And it’s now available for download.

Download Pokemon ​Emerald++ GBA Rom Hack

  • Language: English
  • Creator: mynameisPooky

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​Pokemon Emerald++ is my first ever ROM hack based on the pokeemerald decomp. Thanks to everyone who contributes to it (and the expansion)! I couldn’t have done this without that foundation. I started this ROM hack back in August as a fun way to learn the ins-and-outs of the decomp and idea after idea snowballed it into a full project. Is it unique? …probably not, I’m sure there’s tons and tons of “Emerald but better/modern” hacks out there, but I honestly didn’t even know about them until I was well into this project. My hope is that, even though this may not stand out as unique, it will still be a fun “modded” Emerald experience. I hope you enjoy!


  • All Pokémon through Gen VII available​
  • Most everything in the Expansion Branch​
  • Every Pokémon can follow you! (with the option to toggle in the party menu) (credit: W1serV1ser + me)​
  • HMs are now regular moves and have been replaced with items (credit: NobodySociety)
  • Register up to 4 key items like in ORAS! (credit: Aarant)
  • EXP Share for all Pokémon to reduce grinding (toggleable)​
  • Sort the bag (credit: Ghoulslash)
  • Day/Night cycle based on RTC (credit: NotToDisturb)
  • Multiple concurrent legendary roamers – RoamersPlus (credit: DarkDown)
  • Updated trainer AI, only slightly more difficult than vanilla​
  • Pokémon will evolve mid-battle​
  • Increased Bag capacity​
  • More premier balls when buying any type of pokeball​
  • Shiny Charm available post-dex completion​
  • Dynamic trainer level for more challenging fights​
  • All legendary Pokémon available to catch! (Some are available from the start, others after beating the game, others still after certain post-game milestones are hit) – Includes all event Pokémon that you couldn’t get as a kid​
  • All trainers have updated parties, items, and abilities. Notable battles have been changed to be more difficult and fleshed out​

Special Features​

  • Box space increased to 18 boxes, 540 total capacity (credit: cfmnephrite)
  • Poképedia, the Pokémon encyclopedia available in your room to help you find legendary Pokémon if you get stuck​
  • Wonder Trade Station! Completely random wonder trade available at the Battle Frontier​
  • Birch’s Fossil Machine, a new machine found in Birch’s lab to instantly revive all fossils you may find on your journey​
  • Expanded Lilycove Department Store​
  • New item: Forever Candy, the infinite rare candy to reduce the need to grind after beating the game​
  • New item: Form Changer, to change many Pokémons forms if certain items are missed or unavailable​

QOL Features

  • Run inside and (almost) everywhere from the very beginning​
  • Reusable TMs​
  • Forgettable HMs​
  • Switch modes on your Bike by pressing R​
  • Nickname any Pokémon whenever from the party menu​
  • Increased overall text speed​
  • Cleanse tag acts as an infinite repel​
  • Heal multiple mons from the party screen, like in newer generations​
  • View IVs and EVs in the Summary Screen by pressing R and L​
  • Hidden Power is not so hidden anymore​
  • Move items between Pokémon​
  • Type effectiveness is shown in battle​
  • Mirage Island appears more frequently​
  • Items go to your PC if the Bag is full​
  • Battle Point shop items are now reasonably attainable​

Known Bugs

  • When a Pokémon follows you and you get on the bike, a few stray pixels appear above the player. This can be fixed by entering a new area or pressing the start menu
  • Some berry tree palettes are incorrect
  • One specific legendary Pokémon event does not make sense if you play as a girl
  • All Pokémon are holding an item whose number matches their pokedex number. Working on fixing this right now.
  • Cannot give or take items from pokemon in your party, also fixing this right now.


Special Thanks

A special thank you to everyone listed (and many who were not listed but contributed to the simple modifications thread)! I have learned so much since starting this project. There are a few bugs, but I think I’m done working on this for right now. I have other ideas I want to get to (and also art school :D). Truly I wanted to make a game that I’d enjoy playing, and I think I’ve done just that, so that’s enough for me. I hope you enjoy!