Pokemon Korosu Download (Version 2024)

Pokemon Korosu

Download Patched Pokemon Korosu GBA Rom

  • Creator: Crizzle
  • Version: Completed Version (23 July Update)
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: September 10, 2016


Pokemon Korosu is vastly different than my previous hacks, which both often tried to be “funny”. This hack is a bit more serious(as you can tell as Korosu means “to kill” in Japanese). Despite that, this hack is still in the same messed up universe as Pokemon Outlaw and could even be considered a sequel of Pokemon Outlaw. You don’t have to play Outlaw to understand the hack’s story but events from Outlaw are referred to. Here’s a recap of relevant events from Outlaw, so no one has to suffer(or enjoy) going through that one just to play this one.

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Pokémon Korosu is initially a story of revenge, based partially(not really) on my favorite movie Kill Bill(Vol 1, Vol 2 was good but not nearly as good as Vol 1).
This is a story of a young lady who finds herself in a difficult situation. Her family has been killed and she has been kidnapped by a harsh, mafia-like criminal group and has been doomed into a life of human slavery. PredictablyEventually, she escapes(with some help) and she sets out for a quest to get revenge against those who have ruined her life. That’s the 1st part of the story. The 2nd part of the story will have more to do with Pokemon Outlaw.

The game will take place in two very familiar regions. At first it will take place in the Sevii Islands. The 2nd part it will take place in Kanto. Both are very different from their originals. The Sevii Islands have become unstable and nearly all of them are controlled by different criminal groups of varying degrees of strength. Kanto is affected by the events Pokemon Outlaw and is in a grim condition, much different from the Kanto we all know and love.

WARNING: While this game is not as stupidly vulgar as Outlaw, it’s incredibly dark and violent. There’s also a couple instances of pretty bad profanity. It’d definitely get at least T(if not M) on ESRB.

I’m really happy that I can make a hack like this one because I wasn’t good enough of a ROM hacker to make this when I first started last year. This would be the kind of hack, I would have made at the start but I had to settle for editing a lot of text and making it “funny”(and being quite successful at it apparently.)



Unlike my previous nostalgic hacks, I’ve decided to modernize a little bit so the features could be a little more appealing. (The tiles are still pretty nostalgic though.)

  • Physical/Special/Status Split(surprisingly easy to implement). Applies common sense to the battle experience.
  • BW2 repel system that asks if you want to use another repel after your repel is finished(provided that you have another repel of the same kind).
  • Some Gen 4-6 pokemon. Still mostly gen 1-3 pokemon but I decided to add some of my favs from other gens(spoiler: mostly as opponents. Though one will be given to you. ). It’s a very small list of Gen 4-6 pokes. Here’s the list:
    • Shinx and it’s evolutions
    • Leafeon(Leaf Stone), Glaceon(New Item: Ice Stone)
    • Roserade(Leaf Stone, IRC), Weavile(Ice Stone)
    • Gallade(Moon Stone on a Kirlia before it turns into a Gardevoir at lvl 35. Yes, there can be Female Gallade… Insert offensive gender identity joke here to distract from my lazyness
    • Lucario and 4 other pokemon that you’ll have to play the game to find out!
  • Pokemon Tournament instead of Elite Four/Pokemon League. 64 trainer tournament, inspired my love for american college basketball and their 68 team “March Madness tournament”. Hopefully, it’ll be an enjoyable experience.
  • A completely new story, a bunch of new events and characters. I’d call it a new and unique Pokemon journey. Not merely a 8 badges, evil team, Elite four kind of game.
  • Main character kills a LOT of people. Probably unprecedented in any Pokemon hack.
  • No waiting to get running shoes. You get to run at the start of the freaking game. Why do you need special shoes to run? Also can run indoors.
  • Fixed that stupid trainer facing thing that made no sense,so you actually face the trainer if the trainer challenges you.
  • Trade evos by moon stone(some by water stone).
  • Still NO FISHING. DEATH TO FISHING! (Honestly, I don’t hate fishing. I just have no motivation to make fishing overworld sprites.)
  • Here’s good spot for a warning that this game will probably get really difficult at various points, particularly in the beginning(where you’re kind of put in a tough spot).
  • -Also a good spot to tell you that the starter Pokemon for this game should be really obvious by now. If you still don’t know, play the game and find out.



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