Pokemon Eris Emerald Download (v0.3.1)

Pokémon Eris Emerald

Pokemon Eris Emerald is a randomizer decomp hack with added extra content and quality of life features to help increase replayability.

A feature unique to Pokemon Eris Emerald hack is the ability to randomize the types of individual Pokémon based on their personality value—not just by species, like other hacks or randomizer tools. This means that, for example, you could have a full team of Ludicolo all with different types. Their colors and learnsets will also change to match the new type where implemented for that Pokémon.

As of v0.3.1, all Pokémon that are available in the base game and all starters have had their type-based color shifting implemented. (Currently at 498 species/forms)


  • 227 Pokémon in Regional Dex. Most all Pokémon/moves/abilities from Gens 1-8 available through randomizing.
  • Physical/Special split
  • Choose randomizer settings at start of game (Types, Abilities, Moves, Wild encounters, Trainer teams, Starters)
    • Set a randomizer seed to play races against friends
    • Limit randomized species by similar stats only or by whether type-based color shifting has been implemented
  • Challenge mode options (Stronger opponents, Level Cap, No EXP until battle won)
  • Mass Outbreaks (Pulls from encounter tables, increased shiny odds, random egg move, 50% chance hidden ability, multiple per day)
    • 8% chance of rare outbreak of Pokémon not normally obtainable in the wild (includes starters)
    • Multiple outbreaks per day
    • Location visible on map
    • Species/Location/Levels based on number of badges (unlocks after third Gym)
  • Slate System from BDSP (post game)
  • Mystery Gift tickets obtainable post game
  • More postgame encounters/battles
  • Re-usable TMs
  • HMs/Field Moves can be used without being taught
  • Gen 6 EXP. Share
  • Linking Cord item instead of trade evolutions
  • Thief puts items straight into bag in wild battles
  • Battle music from DPPt/HGSS/BW
  • …and more!

 Known Bugs

  • The move Transform can sometimes cause issues with type randomizing on…use with caution!



‼️‼️W A R N I N G‼️‼️
Pokemon Eris Emerald romhack didnt work in MyBoy Android but other emulators like JohnGBA can do

🍀A Pokemon Emerald Hack that Add Randomization option like unique type settings🍀


Which ROM should I patch onto?

Any clean Emerald (U) rom should work fine, but if you have issues (the game doesn’t start), use the 1986 Emerald (U)(TrashMan) rom.

  • Documentation: Link
  • Release Date: July 23th, 2022