Pokemon Rocket Strike

Pokemon Rocket Strike

Pokemon Rocket Strike is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed but with a lot of new and amazing features. Some of them are listed below.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rocket Strike GBA Rom

  • Creator: AmazingCharizard
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: March 8, 2017


This is a Hack of Pokemon FireRed US.
Hey, I’m AmazingCharizard aka RocketLeader(best name ever btw since it’s true 🙂 )and this is my first attempt at Pokemon Rom hacking. So please have this in mind as you play this hack that I’ve tried my best since the idea of being a member of Team Rocket has always fascinated me.
I’m still waiting for Game Freak to hire me and grant you to give you what probably everyone of us wants to do. But since I’ll need to get my degree at university first I’m on my own for now…

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Status: 100% completed

So what’re the differences to Pokemon FireRed? Here’s a little list:

-Play on the side of Team Rocket!
-Catch over 380 Pokemon, most of them catchable before the Pokemon League!
-Slight evolution changes for a few Pokemon: For example, Trapinch evolves at Level 30 instead of 35, but Vibrava will evolve at level 50.
-Relive Kanto as it should’ve been(at least for me)with new areas to explore and new challenges awaiting you!
-Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon!
-Pokemon which acquired special circumstances to evolve(like trading or happiness) will evolve more easily through level up(or evolution stones).
-Much humor and many references to real life happenings and characters! Some may like it, some won’t, that’s only up to you.
-Your adventure is far from over after the Pokemon League!
-The story has been noticably changed(isn’t that obvious anyway?)!
-Difficulty has been increased as I think that the original FireRed(and by the way most of the Pokemon games are way too easy)lacks difficulty!
-Meet familar faces from other Pokemon games who’ll be either friend or foe(rather foe, better than if it was the opposite, right?)!

Very important: Read this before you play!

-Make sure to get the National Pokedex or most of your Pokemon won’t evolve! You get the National Pokedex pretty early in the beginning.
-Some road blocks will ony vanish if you got the right badge! For example the policeman at Route 107 will only disappear if you got 2 badges(Sometimes you need to leave and come back.
-Talk to everyone. Seriously, even if you don’t like to hear(read) what Youngster Joey has to say about his Rattata, listen to the people. I hope you won’t regret this.
-Open your eyes.Pokemon is about discovering on your own. When you’ve spent at least a month and you still can’t progress then feel free to post your problem here.

After the main story

If you want to continue you need to have captured at least 60 Pokemon! and then talk to you-will-know-who. It doesn’t matter if they’re originally from Kanto or from other regions!

FAQ & Walkthrough

Check out these links, it may help you when you got a question or can’t progress further:




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