Pokémon Blooming Beast

Pokemon Blooming Beast

Pokemon Blooming Beast is an Rpg xp Fangame. Have fun on your journey where you get the chance to become a Gym leader in the Hallio region.

Pokemon Blooming Beast Rpg xp Fangame

  • Creator: KRLW890
  • Language: English
  • Latest Version: v0.2.5
  • Last Updated on: May 08, 2024
  • Status: Developing

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One year ago, your gym leader title was revoked and you were forced into an early retirement. But now, an old friend from the Hallio region has reached out to you about an opportunity to become a gym leader again in his region. Discover what secrets await you in the Hallio region!


  • A fully-fledged conversation system with dynamic dialogue that reacts as you learn more
  • An original region to explore
  • Gen 9 content
  • A difficulty curve geared towards experienced fans without being Kaizo levels of punishing
  • Over 170 expressive talksprites
  • A diverse regional dex
  • Modified pseudo-legendary starters (yes, including Togepi!)
  • New regional variants and Pokemon
  • HMs usable from the PC, and other quality of life features
  • Witty and charming writing alongside an engaging plotline
  • And more!

Woah, what’s this “conversation system” in the bullet points above?

I’m so glad you asked, theoretical person! As you meet new characters, you’ll have the option to ask them about themselves, the history of the region, their opinion on other characters, and more! As you learn more, either through these interactions or by progressing through the game, the options you can ask each character will expand. Exploring these options will make characters more likely to sponsor you in your goal of becoming a gym leader, while also offering clues to piece together a dark secret that preys upon the Hallio region.

Okay that’s cool, but what if I just want to play it like a normal Pokemon game?

That’s fine, too! These conversation options are just that: options. You can still get a complete experience (at least up to gym 3, for now) without them.

Version 0.2.5 is a playtester demo that goes a little past the third gym. 

It has an estimated playtime of five hours. Included in the game is a link to a playtester survey. This survey is optional, but recommended. It is the best way to support the game.

This is the second of four chapters planned for the game:

  • Chapter 1: Hallio Lowlands (released)
  • Chapter 2: Coreop Canyon (released)
  • Chapter 3: Hallio Highlands Part 1 (in progress releasing on june 8, 2024)
  • Chapter 4: Hallio Highlands Part 2 (not started)

The game includes both chapters 1 and 2, which flow seamlessly into each other.

To follow regular status updates on the game, please consider joining our Discord server.

Change Log

v0.2.5 patch and chapter 3 news

The last patch for chapter 2 is here, mostly as a little thing in preparation of chapter 3. It overhauls a lot of stuff under the hood, but in terms of actual content, not too much has changed. Though there are a few noticeable additions:

  • Revamped the Coreop Watch cutscene. If you really have nothing better to do, I guess you can replay the game to see this? It takes about 1.5-2 hours to reach, and the new sequence is only about 10 minutes long, so you can decide for yourself whether you think that’s worth it. This was mostly added for new players.
  • Added Dipplin (technically Hydrapple too, but you won’t be able to evolve again until chapter 3)
  • Revamped move reminder functionality. Talk to the general tutor in any Pokémon Center to get the details.
  • Added a new control binding menu, accessible anytime from the start/pause menu with the “Controls” option. The old F1 menu is technically still there since that’s something that comes with RPG Maker, but don’t use it because it’s completely ignored and overridden by the new system.
  • The Exp. All can no longer be accidentally skipped. It can still be turned off, but it’s now mandatory to at least receive it.
  • New sprites for Possite, Posselganger, and a few others.
  • Added Marks.
  • Fixed the Jaboca Berry glitch.
  • Minor dialogue tweaks.
  • Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting.

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