Pokémon Kanto

Pokémon Kanto

Pokémon Kanto is a GBA Rom Hack by PurpleSpectre Based on Pokémon Fire Red in english. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Kanto Rom Hack Info

  • Base ROM: FireRed BPR 1.0
  • Language: English
  • Creator: PurpleSpectre

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This is the result of a side-project with the goal of remaking and expanding FireRed to make it possible to complete the Pokédex, progress to level 90+, and have access to most game mechanics and items from generation 3 games. A secondary goal of preserving gen 3 gameplay was important, as I wanted physical copies to be able to interact with main-line Pokémon games with minimal issues.

Changes from FireRed

  • routes have been heavily modified in Kanto for a fresh experience as well as to provide access to all Pokémon on the National Dex
  • all legendary/mythical Pokémon are accessible in the post-game
    • locations detailed in spoiler section
  • town/city areas have minor modification
  • trainers have been added and modified to have a wide range of Pokémon from the National Dex
    • multi-battles, where you fight multiple trainers in succession, have been added
  • gym trainers, gym leaders, rival encounters, and elite four matches are all updated for challenging gameplay
    • elite trainers from other regions added, with their teams evocative of their instances in other games
    • champions can participate in Trainer House matches–randomly match up with an opponent for a competitive doubles battle
  • post-game areas added:
    • Champions Lounge
    • MT Silver
    • Dark Grove is a secret area off Route 1 that has an exorbitant entry fee, so while not technically post-game content access will be blocked for most players until end-game play
  • quality-of-life changes:
    • some tutorial events have been removed to speed early gameplay
    • all inaccessible Pokémon evolutions have been made possible in-game
    • Oak’s Starter Sanctuary makes all gen I, II, and III starters available from the beginning of the game
    • Poké Ball exchange and TM marts added, Poké Mart inventories updated with more generally useful items
    • Running Shoes are equipped immediately, indoor running enabled
    • fishing rods are available earlier
    • Move Tutor added
    • HM02 Fly accessible earlier
    • Lava Cookie vendor added
    • shiny encounter rate significantly increased

Pokémon Kanto Screenshots

Pokémon Kanto Download


Credits/Tools used

  • HackMew for eXSE
  • LU-HO Poké for Advance Map
  • Diegoisawesome for GBA Intro Manager
  • Locksmith Army for Intro Text Editor
  • Haven for Hex Maniac Advance
  • Dabomstew for Universal Pokémon Randomizer
  • Kurapika for Gen 3 Tools
  • Nintenlord for NUPS