Pokemon Pathways Download (Alpha v8.5.3)

Pokemon Pathways

Pokemon Pathways is an RPGXP Fan-game by Gray Hatred with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download (Pc, Android and Ios). It was last updated in January 29, 2024.

Download Pokemon Pathways RPGXP Fan-Game

Creator: Gray Hatred
made in: RPG Maker
Version: Pokemon Pathways Alpha v8.5.3
Updated: January 6, 2024


For generations Pokemon has been a game where you get your starter from the professor,
catching wild Pokemon, defeating the Gym Bosses, defeating the Elite 4 and inevitably becoming a Champion.
You might even get a Legendary Pokemon or two along the way. All of this is considered the typical Pokemon game format. Today I bring you something different… Unique, so to speak. Pokemon Pathways project is currently being edited by a whole community, but it started with just two people. We both had fun making this game and it’s the first game we’ve ever made and released.
We hope you all have fun playing. Without further delay!

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Player’s Choice
A majority of in Pokemon Pathways outcomes are solely dependent on your choices alone. What you say, do and decide will dictate your future, just like real life.

Character Stats
Stats such as Intelligence, Strength, Charm and Skill are all calculated based on your choices in game. These stats also determine what you as an individual are capable of. Make a choice, and you’ll see one of these stats effected.

  • Intelligence – Determines how smart the player is. It is needed to ascend to higher rank classes and discover the unknown.
  • Strength – Determines how physically strong the player is. It is needed to move, make or break objects!
  • Charm – Determines how attractive the player is. It is needed to increase success when flirting and to encounter Legendary Pokemon!
  • Skill – Determines the player’s abilities as a Pokemon trainer. It is needed to unlock more wild Pokemon and Trainers to battle!

Energy – A character stat that determines how many actions you are able to do in a day. Various activities will consume your Energy.
You will be notified once your Energy is low, and once it is low enough, you will have the choice to sleep and start the next day.

Interactions – Not necessarily a character stat, but still effected by player actions. It determines the game’s time of day.
Essentially, the more interactions you make in a day, the more time has passed. It is reset everyday.

Reputation – Positive and Negative alignment based on your choices in game. Some may be good, others not so much.
The same person may say different things to you depending on your level of Reputation.

Academy Perks – Winning Club activities will grant you different perks that are permanent!
There are 13 in total but you can only have two so choose wisely!

NPC Affinity – Some of the NPC’s in your class are students you can bond with. These NPC’s will give you a variety of things.
Their affinity with you is displayed when interacted with. You may talk and battle with them daily, and will be able to unlock future interactions as well.

Schooling System – You are at an academy with your own dorm room. You are expected to complete homework on time and attend class Monday – Friday.
Failure to do so will result in a detention. Getting enough Detentions and skipping detentions skipped will ultimately lead to your expulsion.

Save Points – You are only able to save the game when you sleep to start a new day or visit poke centers. No more saving wherever and whenever! (Temporarily disabled for Easier Beta Test Bug Reporting)
This feature is to force you to think about your choices because there is no going back and redoing, unless you’re willing to forfeit a days worth of progress.

Multiple Save Files – You are able to have up to 8 different savefiles!
This gives you the option to see and experience the many different choices and outcomes available in Pokemon Pathways without having to lose your main progress! Also Try Pokemon Flux.


1/29/2024 | Alpha 8.5.3 | Bug Fixing Patch

– Partner Eevee and Partner Pikachu have their own custom Z-Moves for balance purposes. Veevee Volley and Pika Papow are the trigger moves for Eevium Z and Pikanium Z respectively.
– Aran now has a fully working character and partner system. She is officially done.
– Eros’s battles now scale in quality. He is still one of the five unfinished characters, however.
– The font size of Pokémon names in battle was reduced for longer names to fit in the interface.
– The Call option in battle was replaced with Check, which is essentially a shortcut to the old
interface you could access by pressing Z/Shift in the battle menu.
– The menu, the Pokémon selection and the Check interface were rehauled to be more aesthetically pleasing.
– Grammar oversights were corrected as usual.
– Fixed the brown rock crash of Fight Cave.
– Fixed Lygn clones on Campus.
– Fixed a number of moves’ having wrong amounts of Power Points.
– Fixed bugs pertaining to Partner Eevee.
– Fixed a number of custom moves’ not having a Z-Move effect.
– Fixed a few issues pertaining to Pokémon graphics.

1/6/2024 | Alpha 8.5.1 | Hotfix Update

– Mortis the Vice Principal has been introduced and now has his own office!
– New Role has been added! Entering the Gambler! Instructor is located in the New Dawn Bar! Ready to win big!?
– Slight Improvements to overall Dynamax related sprites.
– In Battle, the UI when pressing Shift has been updated.
– Bugs were fixed including the following game-breaking ones: kicking move crash, DA/Black Market crash, Dragon Darts crash when it finds no target, and Magic Bounce shenanigans. Certain moves such as Muddy Water and Leaf Tornado will no longer crit all the time.
– Gambler and Dark Knight’s text have been slightly updated.
– Some things were rebalanced, including Pokémon and some Role Instructors.
– A Wishing Piece exchange system was added for unlucky people who only need one Mega Stone from Dynamax Adventure.
– Players will now gain Dark Aura in the Black Market.
– Some item/move descriptions were made more accurate too.
– Grammar. Again.

11/2/2023 | Alpha 8.1 | Patch Update

– Adjusted Max Overworld Spawns from 10 to 15
– Made random encounters a 5% chance instead of 0%
– Players who have defeated born and didnt get the academy monarch outfit may now obtain it through him
– Adjusted Suza sprite
– Removed Ruination Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures
– Fixed all Softlocking events (Akiza and Esrever in dorms)
– Fixed Halloween Center and Elisia battle club Loops
– Fixed Intelligence stat not displaying properly in pause menu
– Fixed Mage outfit sprite being off in battles
– Fixed Partners staying with you after D-Rank quest part 2
– Fixed Dynamax Pokemon with items Crash
– Minor bug fixes

10/31/2023 | Alpha 8.0 | Game Update

– New Event In the Pokecenter: Halloween!
– New Outfits for Player – Mage Outfit and Academy Monarch
– Brand new Pokemon – Spectreon (use Dusk stone on Eevee and Drakeon (use Dawn stone on Eevee)
– A number of new Pokemon from Paldea have been added. (everything up to the most recent DLC)
– A number of moves from Scarlet and Violet have been added to the game.
– Elisia story quest ‘Fall of the First seat’ can be started.
– The D class story quest part 2 has been completed.
– A new cooking system has been implemented – only 5 recipes so far, but more to come!
– A number of trainers have been added to the D, C and B floor fields.
– The new role of Dark Knight has been added.
– Knight and Necromancer roles has been rebalanced.
– Affinity characters Suza and Leila have been added.
– Some sprites have been updated.
– Frostbite will replace the Frozen status condition. Frostbite cripples special attack similar to burn on physical.
– Added stat display to pause menu.
– Rampardos can now learn Ram Crash when evolved from Craniados.
– A number of bug fixes.

10/7/2023 | Alpha 7.5.2 | Optimization Update

– Max Raid Dens were rebalanced.
– The lag issue was mostly fixed, hopefully.
– TEMPORARILY removed Egg Hatcher for optimization. Will come back soon.
– PP Ups are being sold somewhere now. Good luck finding where.
– Some items like Leppa Berries had their prices increased for balance purposes.
– Some obscure bugs were fixed.

10/3/2023 | Alpha 7.5.1| Patch Update

– Added Egg Hatcher item obtained from Mom or academy Pokecenter. You can now hatch up to 6 eggs at a time without
any of them taking up party slots.
– Added Academy Monarch Outfit reward for defeating Born in S-Rank
– Added Kagurabachi Outfit obtainable after crafting the Katana after day 1 at the academy island front
– Katana has been added as a held item, it increases slashing moves by 20% and 10% chance the wielder goes first
– Egg hatch animation has been removed, this fixes the egg hatch softlock
– Minor Bugs fixed.

10/2/2023 | Alpha 7.5 | Patch Update

– 5 New Contributors added, located in Library, Artifact Cave, South City District, Department Store Rooftop, and Lava Park
– Moltres and Articuno have been added because Zapdos seemed lonely.
– Phone System now tells you unavailable phones aren’t available. Only applies to new game and onwards.
– More grammatical fixes
– Elisia challenging born loop fixed
– Minor bugs fixed

9/25/2023 | Alpha 7.4.9 | Insanity Update

– Insanity Room Has been Added. This Room is located in the new dawn. Go there to suffer.
– Added Random Food Items you can obtain during class cafeteria
– Floor fields revamped
– Difficulty rebalanced, Made it easier for you weaklings 😀 ~Fyre
– Sprite improvements
– Massive Grammar Update, thanks to community Grammar challenge!
– Added a few more songs to the songs list
– Bug fixes

8/28/2023 | Alpha 7.4.1 | Patch Update

– Master roles for Knight, Ninja and Beast tamer have been added
– Megastones for the new Megas have been added
( Mightyena, Flygon, Volcarona, Mimikyu, and Dragapult)
– Fixed issue with all trainer battles having basic abilities
– Made Money cap 10 Million
– Completing Homework No longer reduces energy
– Homework is not properly assigned to D-Class
– Fixed crash with trainer Wes

8/27/2023 | Alpha 7.4 | Game Update

– Trainers Blue and Red Battles have been Revamped
– New Role Ranger has been added to D-Rank Field.
– All TMs are available.
– Partner Pikachu and Eevee added to the starter line.
– Shadow Pokemon can now level up.
– Tinkaton line added to the game.
– Lycanrock has been revamped ( Additional typing for each form) (Expanded Movepool) (Changed Some Abilities)
– D-Rank class quest has been added
– D-Rank classes now have a chance to take you to cafeteria or battle a classmate after day 3
– Morning and Night have different color shading, making them easier to see in.
– the time in Little Maw work like every other place in-game
– Item finder and hidden items in the fields.
– Losing to the final match of Battle Week still counts as completing it.
– New affinity characters to bond with (Caroline, Mandy and Kairo)
– Yariette and Caroline OW Sprites upgraded
– Akiza and Mandy have their own battle theme
– Several megastones were added to the fields.
– Hyun and Caroline don’t fight you twice anymore… In theory.
– Dreadna has an actual team outside of class.
– Hitmon line stat buffs.
– Added a few more things you can do to increase stats in little maw
– Rocket fanboy in Detention has a mini-quest if you become the boss/disband it.
– Move tutor for Hidden Power in Mind Asylum.
– All classmates have dialogue in class.
– The neutral outfit was modified
– Grammar fixes.
– Bug fixes.

7/15/2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 7.3 | Fixes/Changes

– Added Master Necromancer Role
– Added Contributer Yukine to Academy Pokecenter
– Added Move tutor for Toxic in Toxic Canyon
– Added Move tutor for Frustration to outh City District
– Added Move tutor for Return in the New Dawn

– Fixed When you go to sleep and get the cutscene for graduating B-rank, you wake up to the same day with the same amount of interaction but more energy.

– Fixed Fishious Rend and Bolt Beak lead to error messages and the enemy’s turn being skipped when used by the AI.
– Fixed Having a Rowlet as your starter makes your game crash.
– Fixed It is impossible to pass the D-class exam because the Pokedex code is incorrect.
– Fixed The Student Lounge and Aqua stairs make you stuck in an obstacle upon being taken a second time (you can currently download 7.2.1 or use Fast Travel to escape until the next patch.)

– Fixed Speaking to the Move Relearner before getting a Pokemon crashes your game.
– Fixed Kairo’s battles were not updated and are currently harder than they should be. Also, the S-rank battles do not appear nor demand the player to use a specific number of Pokemons for the battle.

– Fixed Yariette’s battle theme does not start when fighting her.
– Fixed You can have double battles against Yariette with Yariette herself as your partner.
– Fixed The Furret Lass of Lush Forest has a ninja son’s dialogue upon being defeated the second time.
– Fixed The Ledian Lass of Mt Grassland has the Furret Lass’s second battle.
– Fixed An officer Jenny sometimes appears on the way to the docks. She cannot be interacted with and can be stepped on.

– Fixed The stairs to the Student Lounge and one of the Aqua Hideout’s stairs will block you forever when taken to go up. You need either Fast Travel or the Backtrack Rope to save you.

5/11/2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6.1 | Fixes

– Fixed FireEater’s battle crash
– Fixed Darkinium Z
– Fixed BuginiumZ
– Fixed Classes proceeding after graduating
– Fixed Aerodactyl in Dragon’s den.
– Fixed The shopkeepers in the Student Lounge
– Fixed Perks for student lounge
– Fixed Hyun battle crashes
– Fixed Teaming up with Cassandra causing crash
– Fixed Gyaradosite in Dread Plateau
– Slightly ajusted battle week entrance
– Fixed Player Running sprites
– Replaced Question mark overworld pokemon sprites with invisible ones
– Adjusted some floor field encounters

5/6/2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6 | Updates & Fixes

– Game’s overall difficulty has been increased (Battle week has also been made harder, I am not sorry lol)
– Player and Mentor Sprites have been Overhauled to look better
– Akiza’s Sprites have been overhauled
– Items and Special Encounter Pokemon have been added to most Floor Fields
– Added Mine Rocks in a few floor fields
– Student Lounge Chef Now provides terrain seeds on Friday
– Student Lounge shop item expansion, more appear with every class ascent
– New Outfits Added! Rocket Grunt, Magma Boss and Next Generation Outfit are now obtainable!
– Multiple Backups are no longer created after closing/starting game
– All Contributors Now Provide a Megastone after defeating them for the first time!
– Contributor Fyre Has Been Added! Battle him at Pixie Island once S-Rank!
– Contributors Arc, Shinu and Barret now have after battle week battles!
– Added Expert Roles For KNIGHT, NINJA and BEAST TAMER
– Ball Fetch on beast tamer has been replaced with Synchronize
– Pheromosa’s base stats are corrected
– Mr Bee’s Team has been fixed
– Mr Cee’s Team has been fixed
– Calling Mentor on Pokegear properly gives stats
– You can no longer get fossil Pokemon before starter
– You can now bring back a Rampardos to the Marowaks in Riverside Road
– You can now bring back an Aerodactyl to the Vullaby in Riverside Road
– All Pokemon in Max Raid Dens have Hisuian form.
– Replaced Dynamax Adventure Mixed Adventure with Random Adventure
– Fixed Lower Classes being locked even after reaching S-Rank
– Fixed Cassandra and Yariette being in 2 places at noon
– Fixed Players skipping starting nightmare
– Fixed Overworld Spawns In Dragon’s Den
– Fixed Overworld Spawns In Aqua Grotto’s Den
– Fixed Effortless Perk Crash
– Fixed Akiza appearing when talking to Petrel
– Fixed Repeated Sleeping in Player home
– Fixed All Outfit Running Animations
– Fixed Partners Not Seperating Through Dorm Torchic Plush
– Fixed Mining an Armor Fossil giving metal coat
– Updated Pokemon Encounters


Useful Stuff

This is a Master Guide for Pathways, which has compiled guides created by community members and may contain spoilers!


Thank you for everyone who has downloaded the game and tested the alpha up to this point, and also to everyone who will download from this point on.
There shouldn’t be anything wrong with this latest release, but of course if there is feel free to comment about it here and we’ll get to it ASAP.
Again, Thank You for Playing!

NOTE! If you’re updating the game and not wanting to start a new game, make sure you save in the pokemon center!
By doing this, you will prevent mixing compiled data from older versions to your new game!

Previous Version


is pokemon pathways complete?

The full version is still a work in progress. For Generations, Pokemon has been a game where you get your starter from the professor, catch wild Pokemon, Beat the gym leaders, defeat the elite 4 and inevitably become Champion.

how to play pokemon pathways on android?

Pokemon Pathways isn’t officially playable on Android due to compatibility issues with emulators. The developers recommend playing on PC. You can find download info for the PC version on the game’s official forum or Discord server.

how to evolve meltan in pokemon pathways?

Evolving Meltan in Pokemon Pathways involves meeting Professor Sycamore on a Friday with high Charisma (50+) or the Manipulator skill (25+ Charisma requirement). Check the Pokemon Pathways forums or Discord for specifics.

Pokemon pathways debug mode

The “Main” here loads all the scripts that are in the Scripts folder. From the dev perspective, this is way more comfortable this way ^^”

To answer your question, and I don’t know where I saw this but I have this info in my dev journal: on Windows, right click on the Game.exe, then click “create a shortcut”. On the “target”, you will see a long path to Game.exe; put “debug” (without the quotation marks) at the end.
NOTE: if the path to Game.exe is also between quotation marks, the “debug” word should be outside the quotation marks, just like this:

"C:Long/Path/To/Game.exe" debug


Gray Hatred