Pokemon Mind Crystal NDS Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Mind Crystal

Download Pokemon Mind Crystal NDS Rom

  • Creator: darkalfa1111
  • Version: Completed v3.0.2
  • Hack by: Soul Silver
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Mind Crystal is an NDS Rom Hack by darkalfa1111 based on Pokemon Soul Silver in English. And it’s now available for download.


The story is an attempt to recreate the story of Pokemon Crystal. It is the same, although some parts have been slightly changed. But if you think about it, apart from minor changes, it’s the same in the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games as well.


First, let’s start with some changes to the combat mechanics.

One thing is that some moves have been fixed, or at least have minimal glitches.

More trainers have been added to the game with all the necessary changes.

The Fairy type has also been added to the game, as well as things related to this type such as the Pixie Plate item and optics. Certain moves and abilities have also been added and updated through to Gen 6.

You can even play as Kris in this hack. Also Try pokemon Fusion 3 Download.

Feature List

  • National Dex at the start
  • The first route now includes more catchable Pokemon.
  • Day and night.
  • Pokemon will follow their trainers.
  • Your Pokemon can now also have Mega Evolutions.
  • Gender ratio for Pokemon are edited to be close to 50/50
  • EV Limit is now at 1530
  • Vitamins give 15 EVs per use but is maxed at 255
  • Shiny rate is 1/4096