Pokemon Outbounds Download (V1.2 Completed)

Pokemon Outbounds

Pokemon Outbounds is an FanGame made using Pokémon Essentials v20.1 & RPG Maker XP in English. Created by Celestial Fearow, SamSam, Boony62, Haunted Ditto.

Download Pokemon Outbounds FanGame Completed

Creator: CelestialFearow & Team
made in: RPG Maker XP
Version: Pokemon Outbounds v1.2 Completed
Updated: July 10, 2023

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Description of the story

In this game you will play a simple adventure.
Until something will trigger a possible alien invasion from another world.
You know, alien Pokemon.
So you gotta go to space sometime
to prevent an invasion.


According to a team member, the game lasts about 10 hours. Some parts of the game were a bit hectic. Or not? I dunno, you tell me.

The game has three settings:

  • First: Alien/Space (used for story)
  • Two: Night/City (used for Kurai City)
  • Three: Ominous/Cave (used for Moon Cave)


Pokemon Outbounds Download (V1.2 Completed)



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