How You Survive A Pokémon Journey?

How You Survive A Pokémon Journey

How You Survive A Pokémon Journey? is a Fan-game by Caruban with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in Aug 10, 2022.


This game is about you, a young boy or girl, venturing into the wilderness.
Catching, raising, training, battling a Pokémon by himself/herself.
The gameplay of this game is simple: survive until the end.
Collect all the Gym badges and become a Pokémon Master.
it’s about “How You Survive A Pokémon Journey?”

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While on journey
ACTION : Open the Adventure Guide
BACK : Open menu


  • Every trait has its own effect. Some traits give you an advantage, some give you a disadvantage. However, the disadvantage traits will give you a bonus score
  • Every trainer type has its own skills that help you on your journey
  • You can check information on all traits and trainer types in the Adventure Guide by pressing the ACTION button
  • The longer your travel pace, the more random events you will encounter. However, you are more likely to encounter Pokémon that only appear at night
  • If you feel your Pokémon level is too low, do some training with your companion or the wild Pokémon
  • Travelling while it rains will increase your chance of catching a cold
  • The medicine only gives you a higher chance of healing the next day


This game is inspired by the Oregon Trail game. But with a single twist, what if it happens in a Pokémon world?
The game itself is very simple, straight-forward, uses a lot of RNG, and goes up to the second gym.

If you find any bugs in this game, please report them.



Fixes :

  • The Pokémon shop doesn’t restock on the first start of the game.


Fixes :

  • The sudden question “Will you go after it?” error
  • Medical treatment from the doctor at the hospital
  • After losing in a wild battle, the player doesn’t take a rest
  • PokéMart doesn’t sell berrypot
  • NPC Kristy at Bard Town says she is looking for Espurr, not Natu
  • Battling with DBandit error


Fixes :

  • If the player already has pneumonia, they can catch a cold
  • If the player is training in Rosefly Woodland, the background does not load
  • Error when using salves
  • Error when using medicine on a starving or hydrated player
  • If the player has an item with a quantity of one and it is taken by the burglar, the item is not removed



*please read the notes before downloading the game!




Pokémon Essentials version 20.1