Pokemon Recharged Yellow

Pokemon Recharged Yellow

Pokemon Recharged Yellow is a GBA ROM Hack based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on December 23, 2023.

Download Pokemon Recharged Yellow GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Jaizu
  • Version: v1.0
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: December 23, 2023
  • Language: English


Dust off your Poké Balls and prepare for a nostalgic thrill ride! Relive the magic of Kanto in a brand new adventure infused with the vibrant style of Gen 3! We’ve packed this journey with tons of quality-of-life improvements, exciting built-in modes, and even those pesky Team Rocket rogues, Jessie and James, to keep you on your toes. Get ready for a Kanto like you’ve never seen it before!

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  • Pokémon follower system made by Merrp
  • Fully compatible with vanilla gen 3 games and Pokémon Heliodor!
  • Kanto rebuilt in Pokémon Emerald engine, this includes RTC, berries, contests and post-game facilities.
  • Pokémon color variation from Pokémon stadium, this is reflected in the followers, party menu and pc boxes!
  • Richer Pokémon icons, this reflects the PID of your Pokémon and if they are shiny
  • Lots of quality of life features
  • Built in hard mode, nuzlocke mode and level cap
  • Lots of touches from Let’s Go Pikachu, including Jessie and James.
  • Sevii Islands are locked to post-game, they all have new and revamped content
  • And lots of more stuff!


  • Day and night! Batte backgrounds will now change based in the time of the day and windows will light out at night. This is purely visual, doesn’t affect encounter at all.
  • Changed how the time works, now the game has an in-game time. Days take as long as Scarlet and Violet. A RTC chip is not needed anymore to play the game; should help a lot in different hardware detecting the game as FRLG.
  • Move tutors can be reusable, ported some move tutors from Emerald as well, same as the FRLG+ ones.
  • New System to revive fossils, fossils are now regular items, so you will be able to obtain them more than once in the future.
    • If you had a fossil as a key item it will get converted to the regular one.
  • Kanto starters can’t be found in the wild anymore, now there are 3 npcs that will gift them after small quests. If you caught any of the Kanto starters before in a ball different than a poke ball, they will get converted to a regular ball.
  • Day care improvements, now you can see your Pokémon outside and location change based on how compatible they are, thanks merrp!
  • Gym leaders will rematch you daily now, Giovanni still can’t be seen anywhere tho.
  • Faster battle intro animations, 2 times faster than original!
  • Player can now unlock a key item called Appeal Sensor, lets you see the condition of your Pokémon.
    • Explore the region to figure out how to unlock it!
  • Player can now unlock the Judge function to see IVs and EVs of your Pokémon.
    • Explore the region to figure out how to unlock it!
  • Pokémon will give you exp when you catch them.
  • Added TM Machines to buy every TM. They are divided in 3 tiers, continue advancing in the story to have the tier 2 and 3 repaired. All of them available before the Elite 4.
  • Added origin game sprites to the summary screen.
  • Level up learnsets were reverted to FRLG ones.
  • Cool move info system in battles to display data about your move, allows scrolling between moves and lets you use moves from there.
  • Added a NPC that will tell your Pokémon Hidden Power type.

Smaller changes:

  • Added Check Tag to the berry pouch (can’t scroll up/down like vanilla emerald yet due to the bag use the berry pouch, might get fixed in the future)
  • Edited Fuchsia City a bit, made it less annoying to navigate in the south section.
  • Improvements to some gym leader parties.
  • Improvements to rival parties.
  • Rattata sprite was resized.
  • When using a HM or when seeing Pikachu in Oaks lab it will properly display its color variation.
  • Disabled linking in the pokemon center when playing nuzlocke mode.
  • Small buff to first Rocket encounter in hard mode.
  • Removed Pikachu from wild encounters.
  • Pokémon that are not available in fire red will be show as caught in leaf green when transfering to other games.
  • You can buy the light ball.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the move deleter.
  • Fixed nuzlocke mode not reviving your pokémon after the league.
  • Fixed legendaries not getting registered in the Pokédex.
  • Fixed seafoam islands.
  • Fixed trading with Pokémon Firered and Leafgreen.
  • Fixed Pokémon Printer.

Smaller bug fixes:

  • Text overflow fixes
  • Bill is referenced instead of Lanette
  • Fixed field moves
  • Fixed graphical issues in the party menu
  • Pokéblock Case name tweaks
  • Fixed arcanine follower sprite
  • Fixed typo in Psych move type
  • Fixed typos in some dialogues
  • More decapitalization work
  • Fixed Raticate follower sprite
  • Cleanup for the Pokédex, should avoid more bugs in the future
  • Fixed graphical issues in the caught screen
  • Fixed summary screen bugs
  • Fixed bike musing being the hoenn one
  • Slowbro says Mega Punch instead or punch
  • Vermilion City sells Super Lure now
  • Fixed item descriptions for some berries
  • Fixed cut tree in Cerulean City
  • Game corner music is now the Kanto one
  • Fixed shop ui bugs, it properly supports TM shops now
  • Fixed bug fixes with the Elite 4 and Champion mugshot intros
  • Credits now play the proper Kanto song
  • Fixed small issue with nuzlocke when giving Pokémon, could be noticed with the free Magikarp
  • Fixed graphical issues with the key item wheel




This credit list will be updated once the first release is done, so it might be incomplete, if someone is missing please let me know and I will fix it!
RHH, Citrus Bolt, merrp, Deokishisu, grunt-lucas, ghoulslash, ekat, paccy, bluerose, farore, thexaman, boonzeet, kalarie, poffin_case