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Pokemon Shiron Castle

Pokemon Shiron Castle is a GBA Rom Hack by NanoDude based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 15, 2023.

Download Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA ROM Hack

NamePokemon Shiron Castle
Base ROMEmerald
Release DateAugust 15, 2023

So what is this exactly?

Hello, this was my entry for Anthroyd’s Make a Good Map 7 contest, also known as MAGM 7.
This competition is a 30-day game jam in which participants must create a short game that takes place in a general area and consists of many different submaps. Participants are given a theme/map type (e.g. island, country road, castle, etc.)
and a bunch of gimmicks to choose from. The card needs to have some sort of beginning and ending credit, including of course credits for assets and resources used. The theme of MAGM 7 was “Tourist Trap” and the gimmick I chose was “Something’s wrong. Do you want to investigate?”. The hack itself, known as Pokémon: Shiron Castle, is a prequel to my main hack in development, picking up themes and ideas from that hack. The theme and gimmick seemed to fit well with the kind of mood and mystery I enjoy writing, which is why I chose this template.

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You are a messenger boy tasked with delivering an item to a man named Javier who lives in the village of Daiman, a small village steeped in history in the Tauron region. When you reach Javier’s house, you learn that he went to the nearby castle to the west of the village because he feels something is wrong there, whereupon his mother asks you to look for him as he has been around for a long time is gone. Visiting the castle finds oneself at the bustling “Fair of Ancient Battles,” a festival celebrating the transformation of the Shiron region into modern-day Tauron after the overthrow of the tyrant king Tasqui-Shiron and his ruler was eliminated. The player encounters many opponents in the castle, including channelers who try to contact the spirits of the castle to learn more about its history, and knight cosplayers who specialize in training Steeltypes.Man learns much more about the history of Castle Shiron, the history of Tauron and the previous alliances and enemies in and outside the region. What’s next? Will the player find Javier in the castle? Well, I don’t want to give everything away, so enjoy the this historic experience!


  • This hack is an estimated 3-4 hours long with a large amount of rooms and places to explore.
  • Includes Pokémon up to gen 8, with updated movesets and some modern mechanics.
  • Fairy type is implemented.
  • A sprawling map with many parts to it.
  • Many options for Pokémon and held items the player can buy/use, allowing for great replay value.
  • 17 new songs across the game, all with a brand new melody.
  • Custom tilesets.
  • Fun and interesting dialogue and characters.
  • Updated version of the original entry, with rebalancing, polish, and new other stuff.
  • Other stuff I forgot to mention.

Final Notes

Remember to talk to everyone, as some NPCs have helpful tips or items for you to buy, as well as lore on the map and region.




  • Pokeemerald by the awesome fellows over at Pret.
  • Pokeemerald expansion by the equally awesome nerds at Rom Hack Hideout.
  • Aveontrainer for the knight overworld sprite (which were edited by me.)
  • Pyredrid for various new Pokémon overworld sprites (also edited by me.)
  • “Follow me” mechanic by Ghoulslash.
  • Anthroyd for hosting this really cool contest.