Pokemon Mythic Legends [GBA Rom] Download

Pokemon Mythic Legends

Pokemon Mythic Legends is a GBA Rom Hack By psychicboy based on Pokemon FireRed.

Download Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA Rom

  • Creator: psychicboy
  • Version: Beta 3.1 (hacksrepairman’s fix)
  • Hack by: FeuerRot
  • Updated on: May 27, 2020


The story takes place in the Apollo region. You literally start the game in a dream, choosing your starter from the legendary trio of dogs Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

When you wake up, your journey begins. It starts out like a typical Pokemon game, but later you’ll have to uncover the mysteries of the Legendary Pokemon that rule the world.

You feel evil forces lurking. Don’t let a Mythic Legend die…

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The Pokemon roster is a bit of a mess. You choose Suicune, Raikou, and Entei as your starters. The good thing is that you can still catch the other two later.

A big focus is on Legendary Pokemon, which can also be caught in-game. Some of these legendary Pokemon have their own events and encounters.

The game mechanics are the same as the Gen 3 games. Not much has changed, but that’s not bad either. The game isn’t technically complete as it’s still in beta, but it’s playable. Try Also Pokemon Inclement Emerald.

Feature List

  • A whole new region
  • Strategically placed Pokemon
  • Catchable starters
  • New challenges
  • Difficult Gyms layouts
  • Custom sprites
  • New scripts
  • Most Legendaries will have their own events



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