Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter (GBA)

Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter is a GBA Rom Hack of Pokemon Firered based on the Pokemon Adventure Manga.  And it’s now available for download.

Download Pokemon Adventures Blue Chapter GBA Rom

Creator: karghosty21
Release: Beta 1.1
Hack by: Firered
Updated on: July 11, 2016


Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter game closely follows the manga with almost all the events in it. However, some events have been changed to make it longer. Since the game is closely based on the manga, you can’t choose your starter Pokemon yourself. However, you can get them all later in the game. Although the game follows the manga’s storyline, some events have been altered or rearranged to make it longer. The blue chapter is part of the Pokemon adventure series I’m doing right now.

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After years of training, Blue return from the Johto Region back to Pallet to follow his grandpa’s footsteps of being the champion of Kanto. At the same time, a boy from Pallet Town is also chasing that exact same dream. Quickly becoming rivals, Blue find himself competing against his rivals but he needs to put those aside when Team Rocket reveal their sinister plans that hurts those he cared about.


  • Story follows the Manga exactly with few extra events.
  • Only boy is playable.
  • Not all Pokemon are catch-able eventually.
  • Scyther is the starter Pokemon (Base stats increased)
  • Blue and Green makes more appearance.
  • New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and pokemon sprites.
  • Game would have OPTIONAL events that would change the storyline.
  • The main character speaks in color text.
  • No HM FLY yet.
  • Several reference to the anime.
  • Some trainers have special Pokemon.
  • 3 new Pokemon types: FairyShadow and Glitch.
  • Optional events that would affect the game’s outcome.
  • Day and night system.
  • Able to travel to the Decolore Archipelago.
  • Gen VI attacks and abilities are in the game.
  • New map design
  • Mega Evolutions (Charizard, Scizor, Butterfree, Rapidash, Porygon)

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Main saga

Pokemon Adventure Blue Chapter rom hack follows the story of the manga (extended a little). Most of the story elements are canon to the manga storyline. The storyline implemented so far are categorized in “chapters” format. Those are:

  • Prologue
  • Brutal Training Chapter
  • Overcoming Chapter
  • Phantom Pokemon Chapter
  • Sign Up Chapter




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