Pokemon Lunatic Crystal

Pokemon Lunatic Crystal (GBC) Download

Pokemon Lunatic Crystal is a difficulty ROM Hack that provides not only a major challenge, but is also an attempt at making Gen 2 more balanced and enjoyable, while also retaining the charm of the original games.

Download Pokemon Lunatic Crystal GBC Rom Hack

  • Hack ofPokemon Crystal ROM
  • Version: 1.25
  • ConsoleGBC
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows


Trainer Battles:

  • Trainers have more varied and stronger Pokemon lineups.
  • Important opponents have custom movesets, held items, better Pokemon, and are at a higher level.
  • Many enemy trainers have improved DVs.
  • Rival has 3 separate teams depending on starter choice.
  • More opponents use healing items.
  • Stat EXP and badge boosts removed.
  • AI’s 25% status miss chance removed.
  • Vitamins (except PP UP) and X items removed.
  • Player cannot use items in battle.
  • “SET” battle mode enforced against important opponents.

Leveling and Progression:

  • Obedience applies to all Pokemon and acts as a level cap, increasing with each Johto badge.
  • Set level cap before becoming Champion for the first time.
  • Restrictions do not apply in Kanto.
  • HM Strength locked behind Jasmine.
  • Mt. Mortar water route sealed off.
  • Mahogany trainers and Pokemon have increased levels.
  • Suicune battle in Tin Tower mandatory before Clair.

Team Rocket:

  • Two named Executives: Archer and Ariana.
  • All members use Team Rocket theme and custom battle transition.


  • Player can rematch all 16 Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion Lance.
  • Johto Gym Leaders rematch after defeating Lance.
  • Other rematches unlocked after obtaining all 16 Badges.

New Battles:

  • Battles against important Kanto characters not in original GSC (e.g., Lorelei).
  • “Red-like” character in Gold is Virdian City Trainer School opponent.

Pokemon Encounters:

  • All Johto Pokemon obtainable before unlocking Kanto.
  • Many Kanto Pokemon now obtainable in Johto.
  • Fossils obtainable and revivable like Generation 1.
  • Game Corner Pokemon changed.
  • Wild Pokemon have increased levels.


  • Some in-game trades changed (e.g., Rhyhorn in Violet City).


  • Celebi event restored as in Virtual Console releases.


  • Friendship and Trade evolutions removed.
  • All Pokemon evolve by level up or evolution stones.
  • Evolution stones purchasable in Goldenrod and Celadon at higher prices.
  • Several Pokemon evolve at lower levels.

Move Learning:

  • Improved level-up learnsets for most Pokemon.
  • All moves learned at lower levels.
  • All evolution stages share move learning levels.
  • Many Pokemon can learn new TMs and HMs.
  • TMs reusable.
  • Pokemon can freely forget HMs.
  • Goldenrod move tutor appears every day.

Move Changes:

  • Many moves have changed power, accuracy, type, and effects.
  • Examples: Strength now Rock type, Sky Attack similar to Brave Bird.

Pokemon Changes:

  • Some Pokemon have increased stats and new secondary types.
  • Example: Ledian now Bug/Psychic type with +20 SpA.


  • Many in-game rewards changed.
  • Cianwood Pharmacy sells status curing Berries.

Other Changes:

  • All Pokemon have custom menu icons.
  • Some characters have new overworld sprites (e.g., Eusine).
  • QoL features added (e.g., no overworld poison damage, Move Relearner).
  • Pokeball creation by Kurt fixed.
  • Poison and Paralysis increase catch rate.
  • Generation 6 EXP system: equal EXP for all participants, EXP Share key item.
  • More Rare Candies obtainable.
  • Lucky Egg obtainable in Johto.
  • Catching Pokemon grants EXP.


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