Pokemon Recruitment Download v.1.1 (Completed)

Pokemon Recruitment

Pokemon Recruitment is a fan game by Mega Greninja made using RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials v20.1.  And It is now available to download.

Download Pokemon Recruitment Fan Game Complete

CreatorMega Greninja & Team
Made usingRPG Maker XP
UpdatedSunday, July 23, 2023

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The game is set 5 years before the events of Pokémon Platinum. A 20-year-old prodigy gets a taste of just how unfair the world can be after his professors pass off his research into the origins of the legends of Sinnoh as their own. Faced with this injustice, the student receives an offer from a mysterious sender belonging to the well-known Team Galactic. He accepted with the feeling that he had nothing to lose… but he had no idea what he was getting himself into.


  • around 3-4 hours of gameplay,
  • single and double battles,
  • visible EVs and IVs in the summary screen,
  • relearning moves from the party screen,
  • almost whole Sinnoh Dex compressed in 20 maps,
  • following Pokémon,
  • randomized trainer teams and items (so each playthrough is different!),
  • level scaling,
  • access to Boxes via an item,
  • IV increasing Vitamins.
  • Evolution Changes

Evolution Changes

  • Eevee > Espeon (evolution by Sun Stone),
  • Eevee > Umbreon (evolution by Moon Stone),
  • Eevee > Sylveon (evolution by Shiny Stone),
  • Machoke > Machamp (level 40),
  • Golbat > Crobat (level 40),
  • Graveler > Golem (level 40),
  • Onix > Steelix (level up when holding Metal Coat),
  • Kadabra > Alakazam (level 40),
  • Haunter > Gengar (level 40),
  • Buneary > Lopunny (level 36),
  • Dusclops > Dusknoir (level up when holding Reaper Cloth),
  • Scyther > Scizzor (level up when holding Metal Coat),
  • Riolu > Lucario (level 36),
  • Togepi > Togekiss (level 30),
  • Munchlax > Snorlax (level 40),
  • Porygon2 > Porygon-Z (level up when holding Dubious Disc).

Challenge settings

  • Nocturnal Forest
  • Ominous Cave
  • Ruined City




  1. Mega Greninja (Mega Greninja GR#4949 on Discord),
  2. bombastik (bombastik#1883 on Discord),
  3. karthi (karthi#0653 on Discord),
  4. Hystrucgon (Hystrucgon#0877 on Discord).