Pokemon Nightmare

Pokemon Nightmare

Pokemon Nightmare is a Fantastic Fan Game created by the talented bombastik. Download the excitement now, crafted with RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials v20.1. Get ready for a unique Pokemon adventure like never before!

Development team:

  • bombastik (.bombastik on Discord),
  • Mega Greninja GR (megagreninjagr on Discord),
  • karthik (karthi0653 on Discord),
  • Hystrucgon (hystrucgon on Discord),
  • Haunted Ditto (hauntedditto on Discord).

Special thanks to .thewaffles.floofy_amari, friends and family members for playtesting and finding plenty of bugs.

Made using:

RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials v20.1

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon GS Chronicles.

Game description:

Welcome to the Pacatus region, a small island known for its diverse environments, cosy towns and friendly citizens. You and your childhood friends, twins Xavier and Vivian, just accepted Professor Selina Parsley’s invitation to help her as field research assistants. Thanks to this, you will get your first Pokémon and have the opportunity to explore the wonders of Pacatus. Along the way, you’ll meet numerous people, capture many Pokémon, challenge skilled Gym Leaders, and continually evolve as a trainer.

Pacatus was a peaceful region for centuries, but recently dark clouds started to loom over it. Will you rise to the challenge, and put an end to the evil Team Epialtes’ (Eh-Pee-Ahl-Tees) schemes?

Unveil the answers in Pokémon Nightmare!

We attempted to create a game that is quite simple and resembles a standard Pokémon experience, yet simultaneously we wanted it to be a little different and engaging. The story has a mysterious feeling, but is not edgy. Difficulty-wise, we tried to make the game challenging, but not nightmarish – you can definitely try to Nuzlocke it, but if you only want to see cool fakemon and sweep through the story it is also possible!

If you already played the demo, do not continue your save! We didn’t only expand the game, but we changed quite a lot at the beginning as well, so it’s best if you start again.

​Features and plugins:

  • around 15 hours of gameplay,
  • hand-picked Pokédex with almost 300 official Pokémon from all generations,
  • 23 new regional variant lines and 1 fakemon evolution (all of them also have new signature moves!),
  • 7 new mega evolutions,
  • refreshed UI graphics,
  • custom trainer sprites,
  • single and double battles,
  • improved battle AI,
  • toggleble level caps (although we recommend leaving them on),
  • relearning moves in summary menu (you can also forget HM moves!),
  • speed up button (Q),
  • checking stats and other stuff in battles (press M or N button in after clicking “Fight” in the battle menu),
  • encounter list plugin,
  • advanced Pokédex plugin,
  • EXP all (although not from the start).


Pokemon Nightmare Screenshots