Pokemon Peridot Download (GBC ROM)

pokemon peridot

Pokemon Peridot is a hack created using the pokecrystal disassembly project from pret. Taking place in a wholly original region, this release features 8 gym leaders and the Pokemon League, along with postgame rematches and a Battle Subway.​

This hack also features a selection of previously-unused Pokemon designs from various points in Pokemon Gold & Silver’s development. These Pokemon were given fanmade stats to make up for the lack of finalized ones.​

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Peridot Rom

  • Creator: Sea Tree
  • Version: v1.18
  • Hack of: Pokemon Crystal
  • Updated: January 19, 2023

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  • A brand-new region for the player to explore.
  • Previously unused Pokemon from various points in Gold & Silver’s development. These feature fanmade names, stats, and typing.
  • The player will have two rivals. Both will challenge the player to a battle periodically(Only one per character in this demo).
  • Shiny Pokemon will have a Defense and Special DV of 15, the Attack DV calculation remains the same as regular Generation 2 games. Speed is not taken into account at all. This results in a 1/512 shiny chance.
  • Borrowing from Pokemon Sun & Moon, certain routes will have a trainer that will refuse a challenge until every other trainer on that route is defeated.
  • Move Tutors are scattered around the maps, sometimes in hidden areas. They will mostly teach moves that were exclusive to events in Gold & Silver.
  • Every starter will be available through in-game trades.
  • Prompt to use another repel when one runs out.

Gym Challenges:

  • Gyms cannot be exited until the player beats the leader or whites out. Losing will reset your progress in that gym. Bring healing items.
  • Gym Leaders disallow the player from using any sort of items during battle. Berries and other held items will work as normal.
  • Gyms can be completed out of order.
  • Gym Leaders will have different parties depending on how much progress the player has made.


  • There is no physical/special split. Dark was changed to be a physical type, and Ghost special.
  • Added Fairy-type. It deals special damage.
  • Some modern moves have been added.(See all move data.)
  • Hyper Beam no longer requires a recharge turn if it knocks out the opponent.
  • Teleport functions as it does in LGPE and Generation 8. The user switches out if in a trainer battle.
  • Bonemerang is able to hit flying-type Pokemon.
  • The Light Ball now doubles Raichu’s attack and special attack as well as Pikachu’s.
  • The X items have been revamped. They are now a held item that activates when the holder comes out, like the Berserk Gene. They are consumed on use.


  • Movepools and stats updated to reflect modern generations.
  • Some inspiration has been drawn from the Spaceworld 97 demo for movepools. (Houndour can learn Bone Club, Mareep can learn Hypnosis)
  • New items & effects.
  • Pokemon that were previously trade evolutions have had their evolution method changed.
  • Pokemon that required to hold an item and be traded will now evolve when leveled up while holding the designated item.
  • Other trade evolutions will evolve at max happiness.
  • Pokemon stats increased to match their current-generation counterparts.
  • TMs are infinite-use. They cannot be tossed or deposited into the PC.
  • Most HM moves have been changed into TMs. The player can freely learn & forget these moves as necessary. Surf will remain as an HM.
  • Some caves have walls that can be broken using Rock Smash to reveal secret passageways.




  • hyperdriveguy: Backporting 60fps and introducing running shoes to vanilla Crystal.
  • coraldev: Crafting a unique animation for running shoes.
  • MayoRaptor: Implementing a held item mechanic that activates at 1/4 health and expanding borders.
  • pfero: Enabling evolution while holding an item at level up.
  • Rangi & polishedcrystal: Bringing custom move tutors into the game.
  • FIQ & darsh: Providing the varying Pursuit animation code.
  • pret: Offering invaluable assistance, answering questions, and sharing tutorials from pokecrystal’s wiki.
  • Elko: Contributing the Cecil battle sprite, as well as the Fighting and Water badges.
  • FredriQ: Introducing the accuracy display, used in Polished Crystal.
  • Move Reminder event: Adapted from TheFakeMateo’s Red++.
  • /rheg/: Collaborative contributions from the community.

The collective efforts of these talented individuals have significantly enhanced the gaming experience, making it richer and more enjoyable for players.