Pokémon Modern Emerald (Complete)

Pokémon Modern Emerald

Pokémon Modern Emerald is a GBA Rom Hack by resetes12 based on Pokémon Emerald. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated on April, 3, 2023.

Pokémon Modern Emerald Download GBA Rom

Creator: resetes12
Version: Complete
Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
Updated: April 3 2023

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To put it simply, Pokémon Modern Emerald is a modernization of the original Pokémon Emerald game. This game has all the QOL features and improvements I’ve wanted since I got my hands on the original game in 2005. Think of it as a 2.0 update to the original game. This game is not and never will be a “difficulty hack rom”. If you want a super hard version of Pokémon Emerald, there are already a bunch of good hack roms out there. The idea behind this game is to play it instead of the original “Pokémon Emerald”, especially for those who want a vanilla experience with more features: easy difficulty modes, turn splits, QOL features, new Pokémon, new areas, new ones rematches and much more.

This hack is a “3rd generation hack” which means it doesn’t try to imitate later generations, and while certain features and improvements from later generations are included, this hack is at its core a 3rd generation game. Don’t expect any new moves from later generations or the possibility to catch 900 different Pokémon. This hack doesn’t include the “Battle Engine Upgrade” or anything like that, but it does include certain mechanics from it (like the OPTIONAL split between physical and special that was in Gen IV, or the fairy type).

There are 420 Pokemon in total. Only the original Pokédex is catchable, plus a few additional Pokémon that weren’t available post-game. To get Pokemon from older regions, the best way is to trade like in the original game. There are also WONDER-TRADES that can help you complete your national Pokédex (all Pokemon are available for Wonder-Trade except Legendaries, and you are limited to 3 Wonder-Trades per day).

The hack is complete and will only be updated with bug fixes, if any. It has been thoroughly tested for many weeks and most of the bugs have disappeared. The code is available on Github and you can report bugs there or in this thread. It also works on any emulator (tested on: MGBA, DSTwo GBA Emulator) and on real hardware (tested on: EZ FLash Omega).


Story related:

  • The Elite Four can be rematched after battling with Steven.
  • After completing the Elite Four Rematch, a rematch with Steven will be available. You will get a unique, special prize.
  • The Sealed chambers puzzles have changed slightly. Learn braille and find out what changed!
  • Also, there are 6 Regis. Try to discover where are the new 3!
  • All the trainer rematches scale up a lot more than in the original game, and their parties have been changed.
  • All the trainers in the Battle Frontier have new Pokémon in their teams.

Pokémon related:

  • 37 new Pokémon species, mostly from Gen. IV.
  • Shiny chance changed to 4096 (Gen. VI +)
  • All the buffs from later generations are in.
  • Extra buffs for other Pokémon are in. Includes stats, abilities and/or typings. (Ex. Ledian is now BUG / FIGHTING – Meganium is now GRASS / FAIRY).
  • All the move buffs AND nerfs from later generations are in, with small changes to make them work in a 3rd gen game.
  • All Egg moves and tutor moves have been improved with data from later generations.
  • New evolution methods.
  • Pokémon chance of holding an item improved (30% for rare items, 55% for normal items).
  • Everstone works on male or female Pokémon and guarantees nature.
  • Gen. VIII Synchronize.
  • Shuckle can make berry juice just like in Gen. II!! Yay?
  • Nature Mints are available to buy in the Flower Shop after the 5th Gym.
  • Deoxys forms can be changed.

Battle related:

  • Fairy type introduced. Hyper-voice (Special) and covet (Physical) are now Fairy type since this typing didn’t have any attacking moves.
  • HM01 Cut is now Grass type.
  • EV Training available in Lilycove.
  • IV Maximizer available in Lylicove, after beating the game. Needs a lvl.100 Pokémon.
  • A nurse NPC is available after beating the game to farm EXP in Lilycove.
  • Faster-paced battles (mash A or B to skip delays).
  • No low-health beeping.
  • Trainer class-based Pokéballs.
  • Catching EXP.
  • Gen. VI EXP. SHARE.
  • Macho Brace multiplies EV gain * 5.
  • Gen. IV Sitrus Berry.

UI related:

  • Hold L+R, then A when entering a Wild Battle to instantly run.
  • Swap Pokémon pressing SELECT.
  • Colored Stats (red = good, blue = bad).
  • Pressing L in the stats section of a Pokémon will bring the EVs, pressing R will bring the IVs, and pressing START will bring the default stats.
  • HM moves don’t need to be taught anymore. If you have a Pokémon that can use a certain HM, if you have the correct HM in the bag, and if you have the required badge, you will be able to perform an HM move.
  • HM moves can be deleted since they are not that important anymore.
  • TM cannot be sold, are infinite, and had their price changed.
  • When the bag is full, items go to the PC.
  • You can change the ball your Pokémon is in using a different ball from the bag.
  • Reusable repel prompt.
  • The time on the clock can be changed.

Gameplay related:

  • 3 difficulty modes (EASY, NORMAL and HARD). Selected at the start of the game, can be changed anytime from the PCs in Birch’s Lab.
    • EASY mode: Makes the game quite a lot easier by scaling levels down, and obtaining more EXP (+20%).
    • – Trainer Pokémon and Wild Pokémon scale down to 10 levels compared to the original game. More badges, less level.
    • – There are no restrictions on the Battle Frontier.
    • NORMAL mode: Vanilla.
    • – No changes, except rematches and small things (also on EASY mode).
    • HARD mode: Makes the game a bit more difficult by scaling levels up, and obtaining less EXP (-35%). This mode does not intent do be a “super difficult” hack-rom. It only tries to be a bit more difficult than vanilla.
    • – Trainer Pokémon and Wild Pokémon scale up to 10 levels compared to the original game. More badges, more level.
    • – Certain ace Pokémon have had their abilities or items changed to make everything a bit more difficult. This mode does not change anything else in trainer parties, or their strategies.
    • – SET MODE is automatically selected and can’t be disabled.
    • – There are more restrictions on the Battle Frontier.
    • – (OPTIONAL but recommended) Use in combination with scaling IV/EV trainers from the Challenge Menu at the start of the game for an interesting challenge.
  • Optional PHYSICAL / SPECIAL MOVE split from Gen. IV (named CLASSIC and MODERN style). Selected at the start of the game, can be changed anytime from the PCs in Birch’s Lab.
  • New Challenge Menu at the start of the game. You probably have seen it in other hacks.
  • Day / Night System. Now Daytime is from 6AM to 20PM. Night-time is from 20PM to 6AM. For (2 new) evolutions, Morning is from 6AM to 9AM.
  • Run everywhere.
  • Link with Fire Red / Leaf Green available from the start.
  • One-time tutors are infinite, but you have to pay now.
  • Trainer HIll prizes are the berries that were not available in the GBA games.
  • Match and Acro Bike are now one. Change between them by pressing “R”.
  • Chain fishing has been added.
  • All tickets are available to buy, together with its events.
  • Faster nurse Joy healing.
  • Daily money event with Meowth (post-game).
  • You can check the Soot Sack to know how much ash you have.
  • Interacting with berry trees is faster, berry trees that are in rainy routes don’t need to be watered, and berry trees don’t decay.
  • New Self-trader to force trade evolutions (trading with another game still works).
  • PokéMarts items change with every badge.
  • AI improvements.
  • Amulet coin works always, doesn’t matter who has it.
  • Map related:
  • Altering cave is now an Unown cave.
  • A few new maps to introduce the new Regis.
  • Mirage Island can be forced with a certain Pokémon in the party, apart from its unusual rate.

Extra Information (Spoilers)

Evolution changes and improvements:

  • Aipom –> Ambipom, using Tickle
  • Bonsly –> Sudowoodo, using Mimic
  • Budew –> Roselia, high friendship
  • Roselia –> Roserade, increasing Beauty (less than Milotic)
  • Chingling –> Chimecho, high friendship.
  • Dusclops –> Dusknoir, trading with the item “Spell Tag”
  • Electabuzz –> Electivire, using a Thunderstone
  • Snorunt –> Glalie, level 42 (default)
  • Snorunt –> Froslass, being Female, at level 42, during Morning time (6AM to 9AM)
  • Kirlia –> Gardevoir, level 30 (default)
  • Kirlia –> Gallade, being Male, at level 30, during Morning time (6AM to 9PM)
  • Eevee –> Glaceon, holding “Never melt ice” during the night
  • Eevee –> Leafeon, holding “Miracle seed” during the day
  • Eevee –> Sylveon, using a Fairy Type move
  • Gligar –> Gliscor, level 36 during the night
  • Happiny –> Chansey, high friendship
  • Murkrow –> Honchkrow, level 30 during the night
  • Lickitung –> Lickilicky, using Rollout
  • Magmar –> Magmortar, using a Firestone
  • Magneton –> Magnezone, holding a Thunderstone
  • Piloswine –> Mamoswine, using Ancient Power
  • Mantyke –> Mantine, using Water Pulse
  • Misdreavus –> Mismagius, holding during the night the item “Spell Tag”
  • Mime Jr. –> Mime Jr., using Mimic
  • Munchlax –> Snorlax, high friendship
  • Porygon2 –> Porygon-Z, trading with the item “Up-grade”
  • Nosepass –> Probopass, holding a Thunderstone
  • Rhydon –> Rhyperior, trading with the item “Hard Stone”
  • Tangela –> Tangrowth, using Ancient Power
  • Togetic –> Togekiss, holding the item “Heart scale”, only during daytime
  • Sneasel –> Weavile, level 35 during the night
  • Yanma –> Yanmega, using Ancient Power

New wild Pokémon available (Only Pokémon that weren’t available in the vanilla dex):

  • Digglet: Artisan Cave, to spice up the cave.
  • Dugtrio: Artisan Cave, to spice up the cave.
  • Onix: Artisan Cave, to spice up the cave.
  • Munchlax: Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Bonsly: Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Sudowoodo: Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Mantyke: Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Eevee: Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Unown: Altering cave.
  • Budew: In-game trade for a Ralts.
  • Porygon: In-game trade for a Volbeat.

New static encounters:

  • Articuno: After defeating / capturing Ho-Oh, in Bagon room in Meteor Falls.
  • Zapdos: After defeating / capturing Ho-Oh, in Scorched Slab.
  • Moltres: After defeating / capturing Ho-Oh, in Victory Road.
  • Mewtwo: After defeating / capturing Mew, in Altering Cave.
  • Mew: Old Sea Map, bought in the Exchange Service of Battle Frontier.
  • Suicune: After defeating / capturing Lugia, in the icy room of Shoal Cave.
  • Entei: After defeating / capturing Lugia, in Magma Hideout.
  • Raikou: After defeating / capturing Lugia, in New Mauville.
  • Ho-Oh: Aurora Ticket, bought in the Exchange Service of Battle Frontier.
  • Lugia: Aurora Ticket, bought in the Exchange Service of Battle Frontier.
  • Celebi: After defeating / capturing Lugia, with Entei, Raikou and Suicune on the team. In Petalburg Woods.
  • Jirachi: After becoming the champion, interacting with the White Rock in Mossdeep.
  • Lati@s: Eon Ticket, bought in the Exchange Service of Battle Frontier.
  • Deoxys: Mystic Ticket, bought in the Exchange Service of Battle Frontier.
  • Sudowoodo: 2 daily respawning Sudowoodo in the Route to the right of Battle Frontier.
  • Regieleki: After completing the Sealed Chamber puzzle, East of Route 110.
  • Regidrago: After completing the Sealed Chamber puzzle, on a secret island north of Route 132.
  • Regigigas: After obtaining all Regis and having them in the team, in the braille puzzle of Dewford Cave.
  • (Not a static encounter) Arceus egg: Prize for beating Steven for the second time.


  • Sometimes, Pokémon palette glitches when doing HM moves. It’s because of the Day and Night system, and it’s probably a GBA limitation. Won’t get fixed.
  • The Pokédex Height Comparison of the new 37 Pokémon has not been done. It probably won’t be done, as it takes too much time and no one uses that function.




  • resetes12