Pokemon Emerald Final v7.41 (updated)

Pokemon Emerald Final

Pokemon Emerald Final is a GBA Rom Hack by dearman4 Hack based on Pokemon Emerald. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated on January 18th 2023.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald Final GBA Rom

Creator: dearman4
Version: Final v7.41
Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
Updated: January 18th 2023

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About this version

It’s been a long, arduous journey, but now it’s ready for release! v7.41 has some bug fixes and some fun new features that I’m really excited about (detailed in the “New in this version” section) and some fun stuff planned for the future. Future versions shouldn’t have nearly as many problems as the main problem with this version was bug fixes. For those who want to know: The BAD EGG bug was caused by the surf script of all things… Fortunately, this bug has been fixed! One new addition worth noting is that there is now an item that allows you to fly, making traveling around the map much easier.

For compatibility

As always, Emerald Final is compatible with vanilla saves, however Deluxe saves cannot be imported back into Legacy or a vanilla ROM unless all new generation moves are deleted. This also means that vanilla links are compatible as long as no new moves are involved in trade/combat.
Saves can be easily transferred between both versions of Deluxe and from Legacy or Vanilla to Deluxe.


  • National Pokedex enabled from the start (change it National Mode with the search menu)
  • All 386 Pokemon are available through catching/breeding and in-game events.
  • Evolutions changed to simpler methods instead of Trading. All evolution stones available at Lilycove mart, option to make evolutions more Lore-Friendly.
  • HM moves are eraseable.
  • Running and Biking allowed indoors.
  • Both the Mach and Acro bikes purchaseable through Rydel.
  • Vanilla Move Tutors are Reusable.
  • Catching Pokemon gives experience [optional for Legacy]
  • EVs are capped at 252.
  • The entire Safari Zone is open from the start and it provides you with the PokeBlock case.
  • FR/LG Style Fishing.
  • Mirage Island spawns after The Elite Four.
  • The summary screen has stats affected by natures color coded (Red for increased stat, Blue for decreased stat).
  • Rare berries now purchaseable (PokeBlock ingredients in the Contest Hall, battle oriented berries in The Battle Frontier mart).
  • Altering Cave is now an EV Training area, just interact with the signs inside the cave to initiate battles with Pokemon that give 2 EVs each and no more random encounters inside. The reason for it being 2 EVs is since the points give a stat point at every 4 EVs, so you can use the Macho Brace to have it be one battle per stat increase. There is also an NPC to heal your pokemon and show EV/IVs inside the cave.
  • Flash lights up the whole screen.
  • Black and White’s repel system (asks you if you want to use another when one expires).
  • Ability Switcher and EV/IV Viewer in the Daycare.
  • Devon Scope shows the party’s EVs and IVs.
  • Maximum money is 9,999,999.
  • Berries ask to be watered when planted and replanted after picking.
  • Auto turn around after healing at a Pokecenter.
  • Changes to learnsets to include not only FR/LG and XD exclusive moves, but also prior evolution moves.
  • IV Perfector in Devon Corp, with options for 30/31/0 for Hidden Power and Gyro Ball setups. Steven must be defeated before they will work.
  • Nature switching in the Battle Tents and at Battle Frontier BP Shop.
  • Auto Levelers in each Gym and Battle Frontier BP Shop. Gym 1 will level to 15, Gym 2 to 20… With Gym 8 and the Frontier leveling to 50. After beating Steven, the Frontier Auto Leveler has the option for level 100 as well, just refuse the offer of 50.
  • New items: Pocket Watch given by Birch’s Aide, which allows you to change the time. Mining Hat given by the Flash HM Giver, which acts as Flash. Notepad given by the Name Rater, which allows you to rename your Pokemon anywhere. Flying Hat given by Winona, which acts as Fly.
  • Beginner Kit given by Blue NPC in Littleroot containing: the Running Shoes, both Bikes, all three Rods, a Lucky egg, an Exp Share, an Amulet Coin, 5 PokeBalls, the Devon Scope, the Pocket Watch, the Mining Hat, the Notepad, and the Flying Hat.
  • Obtain the Exp. Share upon delivering the letter rather than having to backtrack.
  • Wild Hold Items updated.
  • PP Ups for sale at Vitamin merchants.
  • All Secret Base items purchaseable after E4 through the normal merchants.
  • Visual Day / Night Cycle [optional].
  • EV Resetter in Slateport Marketplace and Frontier BP Shop.
  • Happiness increaser in Slateport Marketplace.
  • Happiness Maxer in Frontier BP Shop.
  • Pokemon Gender Switcher in Slateport’s Pokemon Fan Club.
  • Smeargle breeds like Ditto for Egg Move passing.
  • Expanded Starter choice.
  • Deluxe has challenge options toggled by the top-left bookcase in Birch’s lab. They cannot be turned off once enabled.
  • Physical/Special Split [optional for Legacy].
  • Decapitalized the names in game [optional].
  • Options to change the Moves’ Stats to Gen 5 or 6 standards.
  • Modern overworld poison survival [optional, OFF by default].
  • Abilities have the option to include Hidden Abilities as a secondary option for Pokemon with only one ability in vanilla.
  • Option to set Pokemon’s Base Stats to modern standards.
  • De-evolver added to Mt. Pyre, allows Pokemon with branching evolutions to be reset to their previous form in case they accidentally evolved into the wrong form.
  • Added 151 new Tutor Moves.
  • Move Re-Learners on the second floor of every Pokecenter, $1,000 per move.
  • Vanilla Re-Learner changed to teach Frontier tutor moves in exchange for Heart Scales.
  • Wally catching tutorial is skippable.
  • No longer have to make the initial PokeNav call to Mr. Stone.
  • Mr. Stone gives a Lucky Egg after delivering the Letter.
  • Devon Corp front desk sells Up-Grades after obtaining the coin case.
  • Free egg in Lavaridge changed to Togepi [options to change].
  • Added stairs to access Lavaridge without going through Jagged Pass (blocked until Magma Event).
  • Egg Deleter in Verdanturf.
  • Steven can be rebattled.
  • Fossil reviver sells more Lileep and Anorith after reviving both.
  • Game Corner sells Pokemon: Abra for 200 coins, Barboach for 1000 coins, Snorunt for 2000 coins, Nosepass for 3000 coins, Porygon for 6000 coins; Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, and Beldum for 9000 coins each.
  • Safari Zone has merchants by Pokeblock huts that can be paid for more steps or Safari Balls.
  • Frontier Pokemart sells all TMs.
  • Lotto prizes changed.
  • Pickup table changes.
  • Sprite Replacement options, Moemon and Gen4-Style.
  • Pokeball Replacer in Contest Hall. Pay a fee to swap the type of Ball your Pokemon is in.




  • dearman4