Touhoumon Another World: Retold (GBA) Download

Touhoumon Another World: Retold

Touhoumon Another World: Retold is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 19, 2023.

Download Touhoumon Another World: Retold GBA ROM Hack

CreatorZeta Sukuna
VersionDemo 1.0.6
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
Updated onAugust 19, 2023

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What is Touhoumon?

I shall give you a bit of a description of what Touhoumon is. Touhoumon is a rom hack of pokemon that replaces them with touhou characters, hence the name. It’s similar to Moemon in that regard, but unlike (most) versions of Moemon, Touhoumon actually changes the mons themselves, the moves, type interactions, and as of the ‘1.8’ version of Touhoumon, the types themselves. The original hacks for Touhoumon eventually became templates, in both Japan and the West, to make their own hacks. Notable examples include Touhoumon Purple, Touhoumon Another World, Touhoumon Zoku Gensokyo Scenario, and Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (And my version Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded)).

Touhoumon Another World is the one that we’ll concern ourselves with mostly here. A long time ago, a japanese rom hacker attempted to make their own original region, their version of Gensokyo, for people to play through and have fun with. The original project, however, was abandoned after almost two badges. The idea, however, was novel enough for two people to continue on with it.

Another World is the first of the two. It is a combination of this “Gensokyo Scenario” and Pokemon Fire Red, wrapping Gensokyo around Kanto as a second region, and having the player go through both of them.

This hack had very mixed reactions. On one hand, it was a massive change up from the relatively vanilla hacks, giving a new story in addition to the original Fire Red story, alongside plenty of new areas. On the other hand, the balance was very poor (990 BST mons used when you were stuck with Not Fully Evolved mons), there were various glitches that took people out of the experience (such as the music cutting out randomly, and sprite glitches galore), and a lot of the new writing was relatively poor in quality.

All in all, this hack may be seen as a step up from World Link in some regards, and a step down in others.

Why does THIS hack exist?

Despite all of the severe problems that I mentioned above, I enjoyed and still do enjoy Another World. It is a good idea that was executed poorly, and while the other project that spun off of Gensokyo Scenario (Zoku Gensokyo Scenario) pulls off what the original idea was rather well, I wanted to see if I could make this take work.

A rom hack with its own original plot taking place in both Gensokyo and Kanto? That sounded like a neat project to work on. That was my thought process back in 2015, and it remains that way to this very day. Much like with Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded), I put a lot of work into this hack.

What IS this hack?

Touhoumon Another World (Retold) is much the same as Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded). It is my version of Touhoumon Another World, and I have torn down quite a few things in this hack to do what I’d want it to do. It has an original story, it has a redone Kanto, it has completely rebalanced Boneka (thanks to BluShell and DarkSlayer415 from the Touhoumon Revised Discord), and it fixes a lot of contentious things from the original.

And as a note, this rom hack does not use Touhoumon 1.8 stats, types, abilities, evolutions, or anything of that nature. It is a completely overhauled Touhoumon 1.5, with mons up to Touhou 14 currently and replacing the Dragon type with the Faith type, due to a lack of Dragons in Touhou. Once again, the credit for these stats must go to BluShell and DarkSlayer415 from the Touhoumon Revised Discord. Without them, this would not have been possible.


I attempted to write down all of the features I could find, however due to that starting in February of 2020, and this hack’s (spotty) development from 2015, not all of them could be found. Here are the main features of the hack, however:

  • Completely overhauled Touhoumon 1.5 pokedex
  • Replaced Dragon type with Faith type
  • Multiple Regions: Kanto, Gensokyo, and Rota
  • Completely overhauled plotline
  • New Tilesets
  • Redone Music System to fix the old, broken one
  • New Attacks
  • New Abilities
  • Remapped Kanto
  • Enemies with EVs
  • Physical/Special Split

There are more, but as I mentioned before, I can’t remember them.

Known Bugs

This will be updated as things are needed

  • Minor – The ‘hurt by burn’ and ‘hurt by poison’ messages now display when a boneka immune to the damage of those status effects by way of an ability such as Toxic Boost.
  • Minor – Opening the Town Map at the Day Care Isle or similar areas causes the game to freeze. While this shouldn’t be a problem since those areas aren’t really reachable anymore, I feel I should still list it here.
  • Minor – The Light Clay and the four Weather Rocks likely don’t do anything when held by the opponent. They should still work as intended for your Boneka, however.
  • Minor – At the very least Isami, despite having egg moves listed, can not learn any egg moves from the egg move learner. While the egg move learner is not reachable through normal means, I feel I should still list it here.
  • Minor – Switching in a Boneka with Intimidate / Fascinate after knocking out an opponent’s Boneka in Switch mode will cause the ability to lower the stat of the fainted Boneka and not of the Boneka that comes in afterward.




  • Zeta Sukuna