Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon (v2.36)

Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon

Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon is a 3DS Rom Hack by Buffel Saft Based on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon in english. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated on June 12, 2021.

Download Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon 3DS Rom Hack

Hack of: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon
Released: 25th July 2018
Updated: 12th June 2021
Current Version: 2.36: More fixes

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Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon, named after Necrozma’s special abilities, are enhanced versions of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. They come with all the usual features you’d expect from this type of hack: stronger trainers, the ability to catch and train any Pokémon you want, and easier access to powerful items with Ultra Changes. Training most of the Pokemon in the hacks is also much easier; they learn egg maneuvers simply by leveling up, don’t need to be traded to evolve, and hatch from eggs extremely quickly. Trainers and wild Pokemon are designed to keep EXP release on from the start, so turning it off too often isn’t recommended. The hacks also allow each Pokemon to be used in all modes of the battle tree, allowing you to take advantage of all those Ultra Wormhole Legends.

Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon each come in two different versions: Rebalanced and Standard. Both versions are fully documented; you can click here to see all the major changes, or read on for a quick overview:


This version of Photonic Sun or Prismatic Moon includes many changes to Pokémon stats, types, abilities, and moves, making many weaker Pokémon stronger. Some of these changes are inspired by other ROM hacks, such as Drayano’s Blaze Black and Volt White and Luuma’s Altered Emerald, but most of the changes are taken directly from my previous Eternal X and Wilting Y hacks. New additions include:

  • Faster Alola! Tsareena, Vikavolt, Decidueye, and many more now have much higher speed stats.
  • Kommo-o has regained Shell Smash, but this time it’s available to the player!
  • Golisopod can now have Shell Shell as a second ability and learns Razor Shell after it evolves instead of before it evolves.
  • Ariados’ trademark Toxic Thread now lowers the opponent’s Speed, Defense, and Special Defense and poisons them!
  • Water Pulse has been boosted to 80 base power, giving Ice-types valuable type coverage and increasing the power of Mega Launcher-equipped Pokémon.

The Rebalanced version also includes five new TMs that will have a significant impact on the game:

  • TM59 can now teach Sucker to a variety of Pokémon, including many from later generations who missed the tutor for this move.
  • TM60 can now teach Aura Orb to any Pokemon that can learn Focus Blast.
  • TM67 can now teach many Pokémon rock climbing; it is also a rock-type move. Excellent with Sheer Strength and Tough Claws!
  • TM79 can now teach Freeze Dry to any Ice Type that has a base Power of 95.
  • TM100 brings back the classic gold and silver Curse TM, and just like the original, it’s compatible with all Pokémon that can learn TMs!

Finally, the Rebalanced version also includes many of the best movepool changes from Pokémon Sword and Shield (including those later added via Pokémon Home)!


If you don’t like the changes in the Rebalanced version but still want to try the hack, this version of Photonic Sun or Prismatic Moon is for you. It omits the Pokémon and turn changes of the Rebalanced version, but retains all of the other features of the hack, including access to egg moves through leveling up and the Golisopod’s razor shell fix mentioned above.
Note that Pokemon caught in this version CANNOT be played online, but their offspring can, provided they don’t learn egg moves they didn’t have when hatched. I wouldn’t recommend going online with the hack installed, and transferring Pokemon bred with the hack to the Pokemon Bank should be fine, but do so at your own risk.

Ultra Difficulty Changes

Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon completely revamp the game’s difficulty, giving both the player and their opponents new tools:

  • Unlike the base games, average Trainers will typically have more than one Pokemon!
  • Rising stars, trainer aces and veterans are superior to the rest and should brace themselves for an uphill battle.
  • Important characters will eventually (not immediately!) assemble entire teams of six, complete with held items, useful natures, and individual EV distributions.
  • Totem Pokémon have new auras, new allies, and new or improved strategies!
  • Easy, early access to Ability Capsules allows players to switch their Pokémon’s Abilities at will.
  • Modified in-game trading offers useful items and stronger Pokémon just when you need them.
  • Pokemon can be EV trained without the need to grind! EV reduction berries are available cheaply at Thrifty Megamart; using them occasionally to remove unwanted EVs will eventually give you the stats you want.
  • All TMs are available before you defeat the Elite Four! The post-game TMs are very expensive, but they can be purchased at Tapu Village if you want early access to them.

Catch’em All

Although there are now over 800 Pokemon, they’ve all been carefully placed in Alola to ensure each of them is somewhere that makes sense. And like the base games, Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon offer players some unusual team-building options, including very early Ice-types and access to low-level Mythic Pokémon via the USUM island scan feature – while they’re a bit broken, but have fun! Also, all Legendary Pokémon that were previously version exclusives can now be found in Ultra Wormhole in both versions of the game (except for the Cosmog line; Cosmoem evolves into the other version’s cover Legends instead).

Ultra Screenshots

Stronger Trainers!

Stronger Trainers!

Ultra Recon Squad, now with more Ultra Beasts!

Ultra Recon Squad, now with more Ultra Beasts!

Pokémon Changes

Pokémon Changes

Move Changes

Move Changes

All Pokémon Available!

Download and Install

The desired version of the hack can be downloaded from Google Drive by clicking here, then right-clicking on the desired folder and selecting Download. The files are set up for instant, easy installation using Luma 3DS’ game patching feature. Installation instructions are included in the download if you need them. Note that the hacks will only work if the Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon title update is installed.
If you don’t have custom firmware on your 3DS, you can follow this guide to set it up. Alternatively, the games can be played on PC and Android via Citra (a 3DS emulator). Full setup instructions are available for all three platforms in the hack’s download link above. There you will also find the changelog if you want to know what the last update brought.

A few things are worth mentioning:

I can’t do anything about the endless cutscenes yet; any attempt to change them will crash the game.
For the same reason, I can’t give previous Mega Rings to players either. If you want to use a save editor to give you one anyway (I recommend it, but it’s not mandatory), the best time to do so would be right after defeating Guzma in Malie Garden.
You MUST install update 1.2 from the Nintendo eshop (aka the title update). If you don’t have it installed, the market will freeze when you talk to the seller.


I’d like to thank the following people for contributing the hacks in some way:

  • Kaphotics, SciresM and contributors to pk3DS: For creating pk3DS, which was used to edit almost everything in the games. Still the most important tool in making a 3DS Pokémon hack!
  • Maël Hörz: For HxD, which was used to do the few things pk3DS couldn’t (though it can do most of them now anyway).
  • Mucrush: For the Sun and Moon font used in the title image and some documents.
  • Kaphotics, walnut3072 and contributors to this thread: For doing all the actual work involved in editing the Battle Tree ban lists.
  • Everyone who gave me feedback on Eternal X and Wilting Y: I learned a lot from all of you, and I hope that will be reflected in these hacks.