Pokémon DX (3DS) Download [Latest Version]

Pokémon DX

Pokémon DX is a 3DS Rom Hack of Pokémon X double/difficulty, mostly inspired by Drayano’s many works and Kumatora’s Emerald DX. It’s designed to breathe new life into Kalos, with a challenging but not Kaizo-like difficulty curve, Pokémon overhauls to allow more underrated Monos to flourish, and to make the whole experience smoother and more fun!

Download Pokemon dX: A Pokémon X Doubles Hack

Hack of: Pokémon X
Beta Release: June 5th, 2022
Current Version: v1.4.1

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Built for fun, ready for a challenge

  • Bespoke trainers that offer a fair but challenging doubles game experience for both casual game rounds and challenge runs.
  • But make no mistake: many trainers will push your team to the limit!
  • New steeper level curve based on EXP share usage will motivate your team through champion
  • Universally removed EVs reduce grinding to a minimum while allowing the player to keep up with their opponents.

Catch them all, see them all

  • Encounters have been reworked to allow the player to catch all 457 Pokemon in Kalos without trading.
  • If you’re not interested in catching them all, the trainers have been designed so that if the player fights all of them, the player will get a full Pokédex!

A new approach

  • Many Pokémon have been given new stats, moves, abilities, and types to make them fun to use and play against
  • Mega Pokémon no longer have BST increases, but Mega Pokémon’s stats are often reshuffled to give them new ways to play.
  • Likewise, many moves have been given new properties to make them more distinguishable or useful.
  • Certain TMs have also been replaced with more useful moves.

quality of life

  • Rare Candy, Honey, and Heart Scales can now be purchased in all Pokémarts.
  • Improved Shiny Odds from 1:4096 to 1:512.


  • Optional Hard Mode removes TM17 Protection and replaces it with TM17 Splash 🙂

Known issues

  • Doing a double battle with only one Pokemon will give the player a lv100 Bulbasaur with no moves.
  • When talking to trainers, an empty text field often appears, but the game does not crash.
  • Despite the new level curve, the obedience levels per badge are unchanged, making trade monsters functionally useless
  • Trainers that give post-battle rewards (e.g. Charizardite Y on Route 5) will continue to give the items infinitely
  • Some players have reported strange texts for Mon names during Horde battles
  • The trainers in the Battle Chateau are not adjusted yet
  • Squirtle remains in the game’s code

Beginners Guide

Some tips for people unfamiliar with dX or doubles hacks in general:

Know the terrain: Pokemon dX is balanced around the assumption that the player is regularly accessing the provided reference sheets. Not only are trainer teams custom made, but many Pokemon and moves are radically different than their vanilla counterparts. Especially for challenge runs, I’d recommend having the documentation open constantly.

Whole new ball game: Even if you’re intimately familiar with popular difficulty hacks, know that skills, strategies, and gameplans that work in singles very often fall short in doubles. One important example is that fast, frail mons now have an easier time switching in, but often then struggle to attack without being in immediate danger. also try Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Important Decisions: Despite my best efforts, I was not able to make the move deleter and relearner available any earlier than in vanilla XY (Gym 7). As such, be very careful with what moves you do and don’t teach.

Hard Mode? I have provided a download for a “hard mode” of the game where the only change is that TM17 Protect is now TM17 Splash. I have done precisely 0 playtesting of the mode, only made it out of convenience, and honestly don’t really recommend it lol.



For emulation purposes, we strongly recommend Citra: https://citra-emu.org/

For playing on a homebrewed 3DS, follow this guide: gbatemp

Useful Stuff


  • Kumatora & Thalia for inspiring me on this project and helping with balance suggestions from start to finish
  • Kaphotics & SciresM for creating pk3ds, the tool that made all this possible
  • Malik and Axyn for their frequent technical support
  • jGlazer, Jax, Frozen, Midbus and GiantCaliber for their great playtests
  • Roboid, Jax, CommunistPanda, Violet, jGlazer, Kero, Marshall, JohnFortniteKennedy, Angus, Iago, Serb, Kumatora, KatTheHobbit and Malik for their contributions to the Victory Road Team