Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel (GBA) Download

Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel

Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 24, 2023.

Download Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA ROM Hack

Hack ofPokemon FireRed
UpdatedAugust 24, 2023

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Prepare for a new encounter with the Kanto region and immerse yourself in a whole new experience. Embark on a journey that begins five years after the original Pokémon base games were released. Reconnect with familiar faces from all generations, from the classic Red and Blue to the modern Sword and Shield.

A series of mysterious events are taking place in the enigmatic landscapes of the Sevii Islands. As a first step, conquer the Pokémon League and pave the way for your expedition to the Sevii Islands. Your task: You have to avert an impending danger that is looming on the horizon.


You start out in your hometown of Celadon City, where I’ve upgraded the department store to help trainers build a strong team with evolution items and battle items at the very start of the game.

You have two paths that you can take at the start of the game, you can either go down Route 7 or Route 16. Both paths end at Viridian city (which of course you pass through to get to the indigo league.)

When you go Down each of these pathways, you will find and battle famous trainers from many different points in the franchise. Once you defeat them, they will let you proceed through the path.

You are not blocked from progressing if you decide to skip on getting a gym badge. You can go back and get them at any time before going to Victory Road.

The story is multiversal. Characters from the anime and lesser known games show up, and you might even find multiple versions of the same character, each from a different universe. You will find the cause of this as you progress in the game.

You also get a pikachu and eevee as your starters. Pikachu holds a light ball, Eevee holds a lucky egg, however you can choose to evolve pikachu into Alolan or Kantonian Raichu (and eevee of course has all of its evolutions.)

Eevee can evolve into Umbreon via moonstone.

Eevee can evolve into Espeon via sunstone.


  • Pokémon from generations 1-8
  • new story
  • Play in Kanto this fall! (The winter edition is coming one day!)
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Z trains
  • Alolan and Galarian Forms ONLY!
  • Semi open world
  • Battle:
    • New Gym Leaders
    • New Elite Four and Champion
    • Almost EVERY protagonist from other Pokémon games
    • All Sinnoh and Kalos Gym Ladders
    • Sinnoh Battle Frontier and Sinnoh Elite Four
  • Wild Pokémon scale with the level of the lowest level Pokémon in your party
  • Trainers have opposing Pokémon at the same level as the highest-level Pokémon in their party when battle begins.
  • PokeMart expanded
  • Celadon Department Store updated!
  • Movement Tutors and FREE Rare Candy on the top floor of most Pokémon Centers

Known bugs

  • The text during evolutions is messed up, but the evolutions themselves still work normally.
  • Ability name text is incorrect, but the ability’s description on the Pokémon overview screen will show you its effects.
  • Some locations (Route 10, 22, 23, and all Sevii Islands) have grass that doesn’t spawn wild Pokémon.




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