Pokemon Pathways Download (New Version v6.6.1)

Pokemon Pathways

Pokemon Pathways is a Fan-game by Gray Hatred with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in May 11, 2023.

Download Pokemon Pathways Fan-Game

Creator: Gray Hatred
made in: RPG Maker
Version: Pokemon Pathways Alpha v6.6.1
Updated: 5/11/23


For generations Pokemon has been a game where you get your starter from the professor,
catching wild Pokemon, defeating the Gym Bosses, defeating the Elite 4 and inevitably becoming a Champion.
You might even get a Legendary Pokemon or two along the way. All of this is considered the typical Pokemon game format. Today I bring you something different… Unique, so to speak. Pokemon Pathways project is currently being edited by a whole community, but it started with just two people. We both had fun making this game and it’s the first game we’ve ever made and released.
We hope you all have fun playing. Without further delay!

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Player’s Choice
A majority of in Pokemon Pathways outcomes are solely dependent on your choices alone. What you say, do and decide will dictate your future, just like real life.

Character Stats
Stats such as Intelligence, Strength, Charm and Skill are all calculated based on your choices in game. These stats also determine what you as an individual are capable of. Make a choice, and you’ll see one of these stats effected.

  • Intelligence – Determines how smart the player is. It is needed to ascend to higher rank classes and discover the unknown.
  • Strength – Determines how physically strong the player is. It is needed to move, make or break objects!
  • Charm – Determines how attractive the player is. It is needed to increase success when flirting and to encounter Legendary Pokemon!
  • Skill – Determines the player’s abilities as a Pokemon trainer. It is needed to unlock more wild Pokemon and Trainers to battle!

Energy – A character stat that determines how many actions you are able to do in a day. Various activities will consume your Energy.
You will be notified once your Energy is low, and once it is low enough, you will have the choice to sleep and start the next day.

Interactions – Not necessarily a character stat, but still effected by player actions. It determines the game’s time of day.
Essentially, the more interactions you make in a day, the more time has passed. It is reset everyday.

Reputation – Positive and Negative alignment based on your choices in game. Some may be good, others not so much.
The same person may say different things to you depending on your level of Reputation.

Academy Perks – Winning Club activities will grant you different perks that are permanent!
There are 13 in total but you can only have two so choose wisely!

NPC Affinity – Some of the NPC’s in your class are students you can bond with. These NPC’s will give you a variety of things.
Their affinity with you is displayed when interacted with. You may talk and battle with them daily, and will be able to unlock future interactions as well.

Schooling System – You are at an academy with your own dorm room. You are expected to complete homework on time and attend class Monday – Friday.
Failure to do so will result in a detention. Getting enough Detentions and skipping detentions skipped will ultimately lead to your expulsion.

Save Points – You are only able to save the game when you sleep to start a new day or visit poke centers. No more saving wherever and whenever! (Temporarily disabled for Easier Beta Test Bug Reporting)
This feature is to force you to think about your choices because there is no going back and redoing, unless you’re willing to forfeit a days worth of progress.

Multiple Save Files – You are able to have up to 8 different savefiles!
This gives you the option to see and experience the many different choices and outcomes available in Pokemon Pathways without having to lose your main progress! Also Try Pokemon Flux.


5/11/2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6.1 | Fixes

– Fixed FireEater’s battle crash
– Fixed Darkinium Z
– Fixed BuginiumZ
– Fixed Classes proceeding after graduating
– Fixed Aerodactyl in Dragon’s den.
– Fixed The shopkeepers in the Student Lounge
– Fixed Perks for student lounge
– Fixed Hyun battle crashes
– Fixed Teaming up with Cassandra causing crash
– Fixed Gyaradosite in Dread Plateau
– Slightly ajusted battle week entrance
– Fixed Player Running sprites
– Replaced Question mark overworld pokemon sprites with invisible ones
– Adjusted some floor field encounters

5/6/2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6 | Updates & Fixes

– Game’s overall difficulty has been increased (Battle week has also been made harder, I am not sorry lol)
– Player and Mentor Sprites have been Overhauled to look better
– Akiza’s Sprites have been overhauled
– Items and Special Encounter Pokemon have been added to most Floor Fields
– Added Mine Rocks in a few floor fields
– Student Lounge Chef Now provides terrain seeds on Friday
– Student Lounge shop item expansion, more appear with every class ascent
– New Outfits Added! Rocket Grunt, Magma Boss and Next Generation Outfit are now obtainable!
– Multiple Backups are no longer created after closing/starting game
– All Contributors Now Provide a Megastone after defeating them for the first time!
– Contributor Fyre Has Been Added! Battle him at Pixie Island once S-Rank!
– Contributors Arc, Shinu and Barret now have after battle week battles!
– Added Expert Roles For KNIGHT, NINJA and BEAST TAMER
– Ball Fetch on beast tamer has been replaced with Synchronize
– Pheromosa’s base stats are corrected
– Mr Bee’s Team has been fixed
– Mr Cee’s Team has been fixed
– Calling Mentor on Pokegear properly gives stats
– You can no longer get fossil Pokemon before starter
– You can now bring back a Rampardos to the Marowaks in Riverside Road
– You can now bring back an Aerodactyl to the Vullaby in Riverside Road
– All Pokemon in Max Raid Dens have Hisuian form.
– Replaced Dynamax Adventure Mixed Adventure with Random Adventure
– Fixed Lower Classes being locked even after reaching S-Rank
– Fixed Cassandra and Yariette being in 2 places at noon
– Fixed Players skipping starting nightmare
– Fixed Overworld Spawns In Dragon’s Den
– Fixed Overworld Spawns In Aqua Grotto’s Den
– Fixed Effortless Perk Crash
– Fixed Akiza appearing when talking to Petrel
– Fixed Repeated Sleeping in Player home
– Fixed All Outfit Running Animations
– Fixed Partners Not Seperating Through Dorm Torchic Plush
– Fixed Mining an Armor Fossil giving metal coat
– Updated Pokemon Encounters




Gray Hatred