Pokemon Emerald Cross

Pokemon Emerald Cross

Download Pokemon Emerald Cross GBA ROM

  • Creator: Jaizu
  • Release: Beta 3.5
  • Hack by: Emerald
  • Updated on: August 6, 2022

Pokemon Emerald Cross is a GBA ROM Hack by Jaizu based on Pokemon Emerald. And it’s now available for download.

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The intention of this hack is to be the definitive Emerald experience by adding many quality of life and gameplay amenities to make the game more bearable in 2022.

The goal is to get very close to the vanilla experience, so no modern features like PSS will be added. There will be no additional story events or altered encounters, nor will it be easier to get gems.


  • bag sorting
  • Extended offer:
  • HP bar speed
  • EXP rod speed
  • Faster text printer
  • Unit system (metric/imperial)
  • Fishing Style (Emerald vs. FR)
  • Overworld Match Shouts (ON/OFF)
  • Battle Intro (ON/OFF) (It disables the battle intro slide animations)
  • Running indoors
  • Auto-run (press R in the overworld). This also applies to surfing
  • Extended pockets
  • Battle message when someone on your team picks up an item
  • Infinite TMs: This also changes the rare collectibles, replacing the TMs with Heartscale, Moonstone, and Sunstone
  • The new summary screen includes:
  • Brand new UI similar to Pokémon DP/PT
  • Arrows to show nature stats
  • Name for region and location for traded monos (FR/LG/RSE and Coliseum)
  • flavor text
  • Text for the properties
  • Indicator of fateful encounters
  • Check IVs and EVs (you have to beat the champion)
  • Cuttable trees do not respawn after being cut down
  • Breakable rocks do not respawn after being smashed
  • Sootsack shows you how much you have collected
  • You can forget about HM trains
  • You can hop on and off your current bike by pressing L in the overworld

v3.5 update

  • Other game improvements.
  • Fixed UI engine issues.
  • Custom options have also been fixed.


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