Pokemon Libertas Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Libertas

Pokemon Libertas is a semi-open world Pokemon Fangame aimed to let the player explore an entire region in many different orders, while still having a lot to see and do.

You are an aspiring trainer who’ve been in contact with Professor Fumu, who agreed to help you move into Kimo to start your new journey. Today is the day you settle in. Who you were and what you want to do from here is up to you.

Also, be sure to check out the Pokemon Sors.

This game features

  • Starly, Roggenrola, and Timburr as starters
  • A fully explorable region from the start, featuring 10 Gyms which all scale up with your badge count
  • Gen 7 Mechanics as a base
  • Mega Evolutions & Z-Moves included
  • Some Gen 8+ stuff tacked on (moves, abilities, items primarily)
  • ~94% of all Gen 7 Pokémon (aiming for 100% on game completion)
  • Buffs & changes to a lot of Pokémon’s movesets, stats, types, abilities
  • Also major are changes to the type interactions of Fairy, Bug, Poison, and Ice
  • Changes to evolution methods (No trade evolutions, evolving to different forms, and lowered levels for some Unovan Pokémon)
  • Natural Field Skills to replace HMs
  • The ability to see all encounters in your area via the Pokegear
  • Following Pokémon
  • Speed Up (Cycled with Q)
  • A more comprehensive list of features and changes are listed in the Features & Changes.txt file provided within the download

With plans for

  • A Doubles-centric League
  • A new UI
  • More Rival-like NPC interactions (though most being optional)
  • More sidequests in general, and making them more elaborate
  • A postgame island featuring a Battle Frontier and PWT
  • A Champion Title Defense Mode



Author’s Note

​Hello there! Pokemon Libertas is my first Pokémon fangame (and also finished game), and it’s been in private development since October of 2020 with some of my friends volunteering to playtest the game and help hunt for bugs.

While all the gyms are finished, I’m currently starting work on the league and post-game, so it’s not quite done yet, but at this point I’m willing to show what I have.
Apart from the plugins and resources used, this project is entirely solo, so a relatively long development time should be expected before I release another update, as this project has been in development since October of 2020 and is only now arriving here in terms of progress.

Feedback is very much appreciated both here and in Discord (though I check Discord much more often), and I’m looking to soon overhaul many parts of this game, primarily some of the old maps. maybe some sprites, and later remake most of the UI, so don’t be afraid to shoot some suggestions and ideas for those, and I’ll see if:
1. I can do them, and if,
2. I like them enough to put them in.

Anyways, that’s all. Enjoy!