Pokemon Reminiscencia Download (Fan Game)

Pokemon Reminiscencia

Pokemon Reminiscencia is a roguelike game made using RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials.


Anthony has been living alone on an island with his old partner, Walrein. One day, they find an unconscious person lying by the beach alongisde a talking Phione. This person claims to be someone special and promises to grant a wish to the man in exchange for his help, which involves embarking on a journey across several islands.

Anthony looks at his old Poké Ball as he makes a decision…

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  • All officially released Pokémon, animated!
  • Lots of custom randomization options
  • Dungeons with unique events and battles
  • Fully customize your Pokémon without having to worry about levels or EVs
  • Story+battle focused game
  • Replayable mode which jumps directly into gameplay after finishing the main story
  • Lots of fun and interesting characters
  • Pretty pixel art


Character art

Character art


Lead developers

Elena (Scripting, spriting, writing, character design)
Alfpixel (Spriting, writing, animating, character design)