Pokemon FireRed Plus Download (New Version 2.1)

Pokemon FireRed Plus

Pokemon FireRed Plus is a GBA Rom Hack by Princess Gabrielle Based on Pokemon Firered in English. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in May 14, 2023.

Download Pokemon FireRed Plus GBA Rom Hack

  • Creator: Princess Gabrielle
  • Version: v2.01
  • Based on: Pokemon Firered
  • Updated: May 14, 2023


This is my project for an improved version of FireRed: Pokemon FireRed Plus.
The goal of this project is to improve and rebalance the game without significantly changing the original experience or flavor of the Kanto remakes.
This is my very first rom hacking project and it’s still a learning experience for me. I consider the game finished for now, but I still welcome support and suggestions.

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Features and mechanics

Pokemon FireRed Plus aims to enhance the original gaming experience while maintaining its flavor. If you’re looking for a game that includes dozens of new and updated features, this might not be for you. However, some changes and updates have been made to the formula.

  • The game’s level curve has been rebalanced for a more natural game flow.
  • The game is generally more challenging thanks to improved team structures and movesets.
  • During the main story, all of the original Kanto Pokémon are available, along with their Johto cross-generation evolutions and pre-evolutions. Of course, this means that the game will no longer prevent you from evolving Pokemon like Golbat before you’ve obtained the National Pokédex.
  • The locations and encounter rates of several Pokémon have been changed and improved.
  • The rest of the Johto Pokédex is available in the post-game portion of the Sevii Islands.
  • Added the split between physical and special moves.
  • The level up movesets as well as the TM learning sets have all been rebuilt from scratch.
  • Most moves, abilities, and Pokémon stats have been updated. There are only a few exceptions.
  • Several moves have been changed and improved to make them more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Some TMs have been changed to accommodate the new trains or to improve accessibility.
  • Some Pokémon’s base stats have been boosted directly.
  • The cumbersome evolution methods of many Pokémon have been changed and improved: In particular, the trade and friendship evolutions are now easier to obtain.

Other nifty features

  • The player begins the game with the Running Shoes, and is able to run in-doors.
  • An optional decapitalization version is available.
  • TMs and Move Tutors can be re-used [B]infinitely.
  • HM moves can be forgotten at any moment.
  • The Move Reminder has moved to Fuchsia City, in the Move Deleter’s house, and now offers his services free of charge.
  • At his original home in Two Island, the Elemental Sisters can be found, who will teach your Pokémon the moves Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch.
  • The prizes at the Celadon Game Corner have been edited and now have more convenient prices.
  • The miscellaneous gift Pokémon the player receives throughout the adventure have had their level readjusted.
  • Several in-game trades have been changed.
  • Wild Pokémon’s chance to hold their rarer item slot has been raised to 10%.
  • Several held items can now be found in the overworld, including evolutionary items, and the player can obtain multiple copies of them by stealing them from wild Pokémon.


Helpful Documentation



Pret – pokefirered disassembly
Tezemi (pokefirered-updated) – move category icons
ProfLeonDias – decapitalization for pokefirered
Several helpful people and tutorials from PokéCommunity in general
My friends for playtesting and continued development feedback