Pokemon GS Chronicles Download (Updated v2.6)

pokemon gs chronicles Download

Pokemon GS Chronicles Download GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed. Pokemon GS Chronicles has a new story, Mega Evolution, day and night system, time-based wild Pokemon & much more!

Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Rom Download

Creator: Ruki!
Version: Beta 2.6 Build 2106202_19
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: June 20, 2021

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The famous Professor Elm has delved into several new discoveries, including the legend of the miraculous stones that level up Pokémon. Because of this, he hires two of his assistants, Ethan/Kris and [player], to deal with handling these stones and gives them a Pokémon in return. After sending [Player] to pick up a package from Pokemon-san, a mysterious redhead guy steals a Pokemon in your lab. Now Ethan/Kris [player], who received a Pokedex from Prof. Oak, will take a journey through the Johto region to complete the Pokedex and learn who the red-haired boy was and why he stole the Pokemon.


Pokemon GS Chronicles story is inspired by the Generation II games, namely Gold, Silver and Crystal. When we say she’s inspired, that doesn’t mean she follows the story point by point. You could say there are elements like it’s set in Johto and has the usual point that when it’s all over you end up being a Pokemon Master.


The game’s graphics have been updated to look like HeartGold and SoulSilver. Pretty much everything has been changed so it doesn’t look like FireRed anymore, which is a nice improvement in itself. While there are some graphical glitches, it doesn’t really affect the gameplay.

The Pokemon list is only up to Gen 4, which is around 494. The items, moves and other things have all been updated similarly to Gen 8. Another notable feature is the day-night cycle, which was already present in the Gen 2 games.

The Pokemon locations are also swapped around and appear depending on the time of day. The game has enough content to keep you busy. Also Try Pokemon xenoverse.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Features

  • A new storyline
  • Maps based on the HGSS maps
  • Mega Evolution (not yet available)
  • Day and night system and day/time based events
  • Time-based wild Pokemon
  • Original soundtrack adapted from HGSS
  • Physical/Special split
  • New Pokedex with some Gen 4-6 Pokemon
  • Introducing PokeRides, items that replace HMs
  • Some new Gen 4-8 moves included
  • Type table updated
  • New puzzles for some areas
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto
  • Updated Pokemon calls to match Gen 7/8
  • Daily Wondertrade with in-game trainers
  • Movement tutors in every PC



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