Pokemon Flare Download GBA ROM

pokemon flare

POKEMON FLARE  GBA ROM hack from PokemonAce123 based on Pokemon FireRed. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Flare GBA Rom Pre Patched Download

Creator: PokemonAce123
Version: Final v1.02
Hack by: FeuerRot
Updated on: January 23, 2019

There are many Pokemon FireRed based ROM hacks out there, so why not add another one. The hack we are talking about is Pokemon Flare. The interesting thing is that you will also play FireRed’s story, but the creator says you will experience it backwards.

What does that mean? It’s sort of an alternate version of FireRed. You have the same locations but the designs or the map have been changed to make things more interesting. To make things better, some features have also been added.

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Pokemon Flare details and more


According to the developer, the story takes place in Kanto, but backwards. The game starts with you in the Indigo League, but everything goes on as normal. It’s best to experience the story on your own. It’s the same as FireRed taking on Team Rocket and becoming the best Pokemon trainer.


A special feature is that you don’t get the three Kanto starters. You choose between Slowpoke, Rhyhorn and Grimer. We already mentioned that you can travel backwards in Kanto. The moves also go up to Gen 6, but the Pokemon list is only roughly Gen 3. The Fairy type is also included and made available to players. The Gym Leaders can also be fought again once the Elite Four have been defeated. Speaking of the Elite Four, you can fight them in any order you like. There are also several mini-games that you can play.


  • Travel backwards through Kanto
  • Physical/Special Allocation
  • decapitalization
  • fairy guy
  • Gen 4-6 moves
  • Reusable TM’s
  • HG/SS music
  • Gen 6 exp system