Pokemon Wild Mihu Download (New Version 1.15)

Pokemon Wild Mihu

Pokemon Wild Mihu is a fan game developed by Pokemon Wild using Rpg Maker Xp. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 5, 2023.

Download Pokemon Wild Mihu Fan Game

CreatorPokemon Wild
developed usingRpg Maker Xp
UpdatedJuly 5, 2023

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About this game

Welcome to the Mihu region! Pokemon Wild Mihu seeks to expand on the traditional Pokemon formula with new gameplay mechanics, ideas and immersion world building. Built with RPG Maker XP. Game is made via V19.1 Essentials. Completely free to play.


Few had ever seen the legendary Pokemon of the Mihu region, but they hadn’t been sighted in over three decades. Professor Rose has set himself the task of finding the missing Pokemon and solving the mystery of their disappearance. The Mihu region is vast and has a large number of Pokemon. The residents of the region have carefully controlled the numbers of Pokemon trainers over many years, allowing the region to thrive and remain truly wild in this way.

But there are also those who disagree with this mentality. Recently, increasing technological advances from malicious sources have created a rift between those who want to bond with Pokemon to live and fight together, and those who want to exploit and use Pokemon for their own gain and needs. The leaders of the gyms, with the help of official Pokemon trainers, are tasked with bridging this divide and restoring stability to Mihu.

Current status of development

About 5 hours playing time. You will participate in the Trials event to gain access to the region, two big cities with gyms and repeatable varied Pokemon tournaments, the first fight of my custom wrestling subplot, the Tauros catch minigame, different big maps, different quests , including the beginning of the breeding storyline, the beginning of the thief storyline, uncovering the mystery of the manor event. Custom player characters and NPCs and some modded existing Pokemon sprites for the evil team.


  • All Pokemon are Overworld Pokemon! Even water Pokemon. (like let’s go style games but without the spawn in and out, they are persistent)
  • Overworld Pokemon react to the player. Some Pokemon are passive, others will flee from you and some are aggressive and will initiate battle on contact!
  • Pokemon Trainer Ranking system. You start (currently) at rank 100 and will compete in official tournaments to gain ranks towards world #1! (think real life Tennis ranking process and format)
  • Gyms in Mihu are purists, they only will allow trainers to compete with the same type of Pokemon as the Gym and the same amount of Pokemon. I.e Grass vs Grass only. (This is a gym challenge about proving you are the best trainer of each type and not just rocking up to the Grass gym with 6 fire Pokemon and battling two Grass types)
  • No more forced trainer battles! All trainers in the Mihu region are kind enough to offer but not force you to battle (so polite right?)
  • Side quests, mini games and professions have been added to mix up gameplay
  • Become a Mihi World Wrestling Champion! Side storyline where you enter a WWE style of gameplay.
  • You will capture type specific Pokemon research notes after every wild battle and be able exchange them for various rewards.
  • Not much is known yet about the evil teams of the Mihu region, but they have been seen tampering and armouring existing Pokemon to make them stronger and use against people for their own means. (not fakemon exactly but think armoured mewtwo type changes for existing Pokemon on the extreme end and minor tweaks on the other end)
  • Moving forward I will introduce fakemon but only where required (Mihu region legendary pokemon for example)
  • Pokemon card collection! Your trainer has a pokemon folder as a new bag and as a collectible game can seek to collect Pokemon cards.
  • Game starts off with a Pokemon trial for trainers to be allowed entry into the Mihu region. Player gets two starters from a selection of 8. The player must win the trial vs the other trainers out in the wild with wild Pokemon battles also.
  • Using XY style animated sprites (from the Smogon project and various locations)
  • Mike is your assistant, he sits and watches at base command to let you know about dangers, provide information, provide utility Pokemon (no HM’s required in Mihu) and other various things.
  • Following Pokemon EX, Elite Battle DX
  • Towns and environments have NPC’s with more purpose to make it feel more lived in. For example in my first town there is a car driving, many NPC’s are walking around and going places vs all being static.
  • Pokemon cries are the anime sounds vs the game ones
  • And more!




  • Luka SJ
  • Marin
  • Mej76
  • Smogon sprites team
  • KleinStudio
  • Thundaga (for his amazing tutorials)
  • (WIP more to add I have likely used art assets still in review)
  • Nintendo & GameFreak
  • The Pokémon Company
  • Maruno, Poccil and Flameguru
  • inomyWaifu (for pokemon 3d logo)
  • emipuchucha for tiles
  • StCooler for move animations/sounds
  • (Everyone who contributed in Pokémon Essentials)