Pokemon Parallel Emerald (GBA) Download

Pokemon Parallel Emerald

Pokemon Parallel Emerald is a GBA ROM Hack based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on December 26, 2023.

Download Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Joggel
  • Version: v1.0
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: December 26, 2023
  • Language: English

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Have you ever wondered what Pokémon Emerald might look like in a parallel universe? Well, combined with modern day Pokémon ROM hack features that is exactly the idea of this Emerald ROM Hack. All maps in Hoenn have been redesigned, expanded or completely reworked. And you can expect completely new maps as well! Accompanied by these changes are different Gym Leaders, Rivals and Elite members at the Pokémon League to make this game feel like a truly different experience!

All trainers and encounters have been reworked with Pokémon from all 8 Generations (Hisui included). Battle mechanics are updated to Generation 8. And of course, there will also be many of the QOL features you know and love from modern Pokémon games or other ROM hacks.

This game can be played on two difficulties, which you can change to and from at ANY point in the game. There also is a Sandbox mode. Detailed features are listed below.

Features/Changes Overview

  1. Gameplay Features
  • Gen 8 Battle Engine (Physical/Special Split, all new abilities/moves/learnsets included)
  • New and modified maps over all of Hoenn
  • New Gym Leaders/Elite Four
  • Vastly improved AI
  • Dynamic Level Scaling of Trainers and Wild Pokémon
  • Difficulty Options (Normal and Hard)
  • Check IVs/EVs from Party Menu (L Button for EVs, R Button for IVs on summary screen)
  • Nickname from Party Menu
  • Nature Changer and Move Reminder in every PokeCenter
  • Auto Run Feature (R Button to toggle)
  • Park Ball activates Hidden Ability on Catch
  • Instantly run from wild battles by holding the L Button
  • BW2 Repel System
  • Reusable TMs (and there are now 100TMs!)
  • More Bags and Bag Sorting
  • Forget HM moves (you don’t need to teach them to use them)
  • Level Caps
  • Vitamins now give 42 EVs to respective Stat
  • Berries now subtract 42 EVs from respective Stat
  • Feathers permanently increase the respective IV stat by 6
  • Pokedex that shows Base Stats/Learnsets etc.
  • Berry Yields increased and Growth time reduced to 4 minutes
  1. Moves/Abilities/Battle Mechanics (see documentation for details)
  • new Moves:
    • Poisonous Graze
    • Flaring Rush
    • Tectonic Drift
  • new Ability:
    • Inverted Scales: Super effective moves hitting a Pokémon with this ability are not very effective and vice versa.
  • Hail now gives Ice types a general 30% damage buff
  • Type Chart gets minor rebalancing changes
    • bug normal against fairy
    • fairy not effective bugs
    • water not effective against ice
    • poison normal against ghost
  • Permanent Field Effects
  • many underused Berries have improved held effects
  • increased accuracy of several moves (eg. Rock Slide or Air Slash)
  1. Pokémon Changes (see documentation for details)
  • Weak Pokémon received buffs to make them interesting alternatives
  • Trade Evolutions are Level/Item Evolutions
  • Pokémon that evolve late now evolve at a more appropriate level
  • Pokémon with poor learnsets now learn more useful moves


Pokemon Parallel Emerald

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