Pokemon The New Order Download [New Version 3.0]

Pokemon The New Order

Pokemon The New Order is a Pokemon Fan Game With New Starter, Fairy Type, Gen 6, Evil Team, New Story, New Region. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Download Pokemon The New Order RPG Maker XP Game

SystemRPG Maker XP
Update Sunday, September 24, 2023

About the Fan Game

Pokemon The New Order is an RPG XP Game that I’ve been developing since April 2020, probably due to boredom but most likely because I’ve always wanted to try and create my own Pokémon game!
The game is a fangame made in RPG Maker XP and in no way do I receive any profit or monetary compensation for it. I have made this game under fair use laws and do not intend to breach those.
The game takes place in the Fabelle region, a brand-new place with lots of new challenges to take on!
However, the game is inspired by colonelsalt’s Team Rocket Edition ROM Hack. That means the gameplay will take an unexpected turn. This isn’t your usual Pokémon game with you being a child completing your dream as a champion…

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The Plot

You finally make your dream come true. Through your contacts, you manage to join the infamous Team Cipher, the dominant mafia group in the whole region of Fabelle!
Complete numerous missions and climb up the ranks to fulfill your very own destiny! Develop bonds with your teammates!
Fight off other villainous groups to reach the top!
Discover the dark side of Fabellian history and all the secrets the government has been keeping away from the public eye!


  • The whole new region of Fabelle!
  • Many new locations to explore and many new trainers to battle!
  • While it may not be anything too new anymore, Fairy Type and Gen VI Pokémon are included in the game.
  • Play the game, while making choices that branch the game, changing the story as you progress, and determining how the characters see you.
  • The whole game gives off a nostalgic vibe from the old gen 3
  • With Gen 6 Pokémon come their abilities!
  • More features, like HMs for items, reusable TMs and more…

New Features

  • The PWT has been visited by the Unova and Kalos leaders.
  • All audio files have been properly looped and converted to .ogg format.
  • Added a Nature Changer in Henko City.
  • Rotom forms can be changed in the Cipher Lab, and the event of catching it is replayable.
  • Added a Breeding system to receive Eggs from the Day Care in Hasashi City.
  • Added some special Pokemon encounters.
  • Removed the Cipher Phone as a Pokegear in the menu.
  • You can now change controls freely from the menu.
  • Gen IX Pokemon are now available.
  • Encounters have been added to a spreadsheet.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Graphic overhaul.


Encounet list and more



How many gyms does this game have?

Pokemon The New Order doesn’t have any gyms, instead, you rank your way through the organization by completing your missions. Up until the end of Beta 3, your Mons should be lvl 43-ish.

Will my save transfer from version to version?

Save files from older versions will work on the newer ones, not the other way around. So your save from 2.0 will work on 3.0, but your file from 2.0 won’t work on 1.0.

How do I evolve this Pokemon in this game?

All evolution changes are included in the Google Docs file, link to it is above the Download section

Will you be able to play as a female character?

It might happen, but only after I finish the game. It’d require much more spritework and changes in the script for that to happen too

Is there a Discord for this game?

Sorry, there isn’t one. Pokemon The New Order taking a lot of time to make as is, so focusing even more of my time on managing and engaging in a discord server would be health detrimental xD

Where is the X? What am I supposed to do after X?

You receive the Cipher Phone at the beginning of the game/it’s pickable in the HQ or the Lab to receive hints as to what your current objective is. If you still don’t know what to do, feel free to ask here


  • Pe_Zero


Thundaga (aka Camoo) for teaching me how to create a fangame through his tutorials
Shishiboo for spreading the word of the game, pushing me forward and beta testing, helping me a million