Pokemon Wasteland Download (GBC) v2.5.9

Pokemon Wasteland

Pokemon Wasteland is a GBC ROM Hack based on Pokemon Crystal in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Download Pokemon Wasteland GBC ROM Hack

Hack ofPokemon Crystal
UpdatedTuesday, June 6, 2023


Embark on a short but challenging Pokémon adventure!

Discover Dakos, a small region in a hostile wasteland with a unique history.

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Dakos is a small region with only 3 towns, all of which are accessible from the start.

I have developed an exciting hack that offers players a short, addicting adventure. This game allows you to start and finish in a single play, but a challenging and addicting experience awaits you. The storyline is coherent and a lot of effort has been put into the dialogue to keep players engaged.

It is highly recommended to converse with non-playable characters (NPCs) in order to understand their surroundings and progress in the adventure. However, players who prefer to grind can do so as well.

The game’s wasteland theme is evident in the storyline and tiles, with the trainers and wilderness being particularly hostile, especially at night. Also, items in Dakos are rare, so players will not find any potions in this ROM.


  • Original Wasteland tile set and story
    • The game’s setting and story is based on the original Wasteland Tileset and features a post-apocalyptic setting with a well-developed story that keeps players engaged throughout the game.
  • Given starter at level 30
    • In order to provide players with a challenging experience, players will be given a level 30 starter Pokémon at the start of the game. This will make the battles more challenging and exciting from the start as players will need to use all their skills and knowledge to succeed be.
  • Challenging battles with sophisticated trainers
    • The game is designed to offer players challenging battles with well-trained trainers. Trainers have sophisticated strategies and use Pokémon with different abilities to test players’ skills to the limit.
  • More diversity in the wild (with day/night cycle)
    • The game features a greater wilderness variety that offers players an immersive experience. The day/night cycle changes the environment, affecting the Pokémon that appear and their behavior. The wilderness is also more varied and includes different biomes such as cities, caves and grasslands.
  • Exp. Share benefits your whole group
    • The Exp. Share feature allows players to quickly level up their entire party, allowing them to complete the game’s challenges. The feature applies to all Pokémon in the party, making it easier to level up and evolve multiple Pokémon at once.
  • Running shoes available from the start
    • Players can move around the game environment quickly from the start of the game because running shoes are available from the start. This allows players to traverse the wilderness quickly and efficiently, making it easier to complete the game’s objectives.
  • Reusable TM
    • In this hack, the TMs are reusable, so players can use them multiple times. This feature gives players more flexibility in customizing their Pokémon moves and strategies, allowing them to try different combinations without fear of permanently losing the TM.


Pokemon Wasteland Download


This ROM hack would not be what it is without the amazing work of these people (be it for the game engine, artwork or inspiration!) :

  • Pret’s team
  • Rangi42
  • RainbowDevs
  • coraldev
  • LuigiTKO
  • Chamber
  • Soloo993
  • Blue Emerald
  • Lake
  • Neslug
  • Pikachu25