Pokemon Clover Download (New Version)

Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover is a GBA ROM Hack of Pokemon Fire Red featuring the two brand new regions of Fochun and the Ebin Isles and 386 original fakemon!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Clover GBA Rom Hack

Creator4chan’s /vp/
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
UpdatedOctober 4, 2023


Pokemon Clover is a ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red that includes the two new regions of Fochun and the Ebin Isles and 386 unique fakemon!

Pokémon Clover, which began as a sloppy rehash of Pokémon Fire Red in late 2014, has since evolved into a complete reimagining with all-new characters, story, maps, music, and gameplay mechanics.

Clover’s main point is to be a parody of 4chan’s imageboard culture and Pokémon. As a result, it contains themes and language that are not for the faint of heart.

Clover’s current version has been in the works for over four years, with thousands of hours of effort by over 40 contributors and an estimated play time of over 100 hours. Clover is sure to bring you moments of joy, frustration, laughter, and suffering!

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  1. A full-scale adventure between two fully featured regions
  2. 386 monsters designed by /vp/
  3. Completely custom soundtrack
  4. Gen 7/8 standard battle engine
  5. Competitive-grade battle AI that switches
  6. Difficulty for veterans of the series
  7. Custom battle backgrounds
  8. Custom exp gain mechanics
  9. GSC-style berry trees
  10. Wonder trading
  11. Sprite portraits for important characters
  12. New custom Poké Balls
  13. Black/White 2 repel system and item usage
  14. Hidden Grottos and Phenomena
  15. Reusable TMs and deletable HMs
  16. And a grand world rich with sidequests and secrets!



Useful Stuff

How To Play Pokemon Clover?

To play Pokémon Clover, you will need:

  • A computer or mobile device that can run a GBA emulator.
  • A copy of the Pokémon Clover ROM file.
  • A GBA emulator.

Once you have all of the necessary materials, you can follow these steps to play Pokémon Clover:

  1. Install the GBA emulator on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Place the Pokémon Clover ROM file in a directory that the GBA emulator can access.
  3. Open the GBA emulator and select the Pokémon Clover ROM file.
  4. Start the game and enjoy!

Here are some additional tips for playing Pokémon Clover:

  • The game is a parody of Pokémon and 4chan’s imageboard culture and contains themes and language that may not be suitable for all audiences.
  • The game is very challenging, even for experienced Pokémon players.
  • Be sure to save your game often, as no autosave features exist.
  • A wiki contains information on the game’s new fakemon, items, and moves.

Here are some popular GBA emulators:

  • For PC: VisualBoyAdvance, mGBA
  • For Android: My Boy!, GBA Emulator
  • For iOS: GBA4iOS

Please note that Pokémon Clover is a fan-made game not affiliated with Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.


Camerupt, Chemical Man, DG, Dimbus Maximus, Editanon, Fifz, Le Ruse Bird, Mantager, Megaloceros, Menu-Guy, NewDenverCity, Satanicle, Squeetz, Ungracious, Benis, CAPSLOCK PRIME, D1nomite, DasWeit, Dexanon, Digidex, Doktor Donothing, Drawingpad anon, DSAl-Quaeda, FireB-, Foxdrive, Iluminatii, Inane, LizardFungus, LorekeeperM, Palette Guy, Yenatch

These brave pioneers have dedicated countless hours of their time and energy to bring Pokémon Clover to life. They have worked tirelessly to create a new and unique Pokémon experience for fans all over the world.

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of them. Without their contributions, Pokémon Clover would not exist.

Thank you.