Pokemon Floral Tempus EX Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Floral Tempus EX

Pokemon Floral Tempus Created by Juno and Ice using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on Octobre 18, 2022.

Download Pokemon Floral Tempus RPG Maker XP Game

CreatorJuno and Ice
SystemRPG Maker XP
Update Octobre 18, 2022


The region of Rialtra, while beautiful, is filled to the brim with corruption that runs deep down to its roots. You are a trainer, who has reached the prime of their life and is ready to begin your journey. Leaving the Greenleaf Orphanage, you and your two friends Faye and Del, set off on a journey to explore the region of Rialtra and explore its deep history.

However, our antagonists, Team Blight, have begun their movement and have placed their mark upon the region. When the situation arises, you and your friends must prove your strength and your wits to come out on top. Even when the enemy continues to grow stronger and stronger, your endurance, persistence, and perseverance will be tested. The region you grew up in is being targeted, and there are people that wish to see the region in despair. Will you be the one to stand up and fight back against your opposers?

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Main protagonists Pokémon Floral Tempus.


Faye : Faye, along with you and Del, grew up together in the Greenleaf Orphanage. Faye is headstrong, and always willing to give things a try. She can sometimes be a little too selfless and will oftentimes sell herself short. However, when she’s focused and determined, she’ll always be able to be strong support when the time is needed.


Del : Del, unlike Faye, is more mellow and less likely to overthink things. Once Del has his mind set on something he’ll make sure to see it to the end if it’s realistically possible. He often does struggle with feeling inferior and tends to not take things seriously at first, but once he has his sights on a goal, and his head is in the right place, he’ll always be one you can rely on.


  • The Rialtra Region: Explore an all-new region!
  • Complete Original Story: An all-new story tailored towards a more mature audience.
  • Level Caps: Pokémon now stop gaining exp once you hit the level cap. Achieve new badges to raise the level cap!
  • Berry farming: Now you can plant, and harvest your own berries in berry patches all over Rialtra.
  • Heightened Challenge: Offers more of a challenge than the mainline Pokémon games. Requires more planning towards team comps for every important battle.
  • New Evolution Methods: Pokémon that evolved by trading now evolve with a Trade Stone, or by using the trade Held Item as an evolution stone. (Eg. Sachet on Spritzee, or Metal Coat on Scyther)


• New Sprites: Many, many Pokémon have gotten their sprites revamped and updated.

• Following Pokemon: Pokémon now follow behind you!

• Map Revamps: All old maps and events redone!

• Rebalanced Trainers: Trainer levels balanced to feel fairer to both casual and hardcore players!

• HM Items: No longer need to mess with irremovable HM’s!



• Two certain sidequests in the postgame are unfinished.

• Certain moves throw errors in battle.

• Some Move effects only happen on the top left corner of the screen.

• Some Pokémon sprites are too high/low.

• Pokémon sprites disappear when moving them around in the PC.



Juno & Ice: Lead Development, Mapping, Events, and graphics
No. XII:Lead Graphic Designer, and mapping
Senpai Diego: Graphics

DemICE: Bugtester
Bernes: Bugtester
Yamato Serena: Bugtester
Milas: Bugtester
Nilesh: Bugtester