Moemon Revival Ruby Download (v2.0.0)

Moemon Revival Ruby

Moemon Revival Ruby is a GBA Rom Hack by CaptainSpectacular based on Pokemon Ruby in English. And it’s now available for download.

Download pre-patched Moemon Revival Ruby GBA Rom

Creator: CaptainSpectacular
Version: 2.0.0
Based on: Pokemon Ruby
Updated on: May 29, 2019

What are moemon?

Moemon are anthropomorphized Pokemon, mostly in the form of cosplayers. Moemon is a combination of the Japanese word “moe” which means cute, fetish or budding (as in growth).

The first Moemon project started with Pokemon ROM hacking, where Japanese hackers replaced all Pokemon sprites in the game with chibi girls in Pokemon costumes. Since then, it has been further edited by English-speaking netizens.

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  1. Moemon Sprites: The original Pokémon sprites in Pokémon Ruby are replaced with Moemon sprites. These Moemon sprites depict the Pokémon as cute and anthropomorphic girls.
  2. Moemon Designs: The Moemon sprites have unique designs that give them a human-like appearance. Each Moemon has its own distinct look, characteristics, and personality.
  3. Overworld Changes: The overworld graphics, including buildings, landscapes, and environments, may have been modified to fit the Moemon theme. This creates a new visual experience as you explore the game world.
  4. Trainers and Gym Leaders: Trainers and Gym Leaders in the game are also replaced with Moemon characters. You’ll encounter and battle against Moemon trainers throughout your journey, each with their own team of Moemon.
  5. Dialogue Changes: The dialogue and text within the game may be altered to reflect the Moemon theme. Characters’ conversations and interactions may have been modified to match the new Moemon sprites and characters.
  6. Move Sets and Abilities: The movesets and abilities of Moemon may have been adjusted to maintain balance within the game. Some moves and abilities may be specific to certain Moemon, adding variety to battles.
  7. Catching and Evolving Moemon: The process of catching and evolving Moemon remains similar to the original Pokémon Ruby game. You can still catch Moemon in the wild, train them, and evolve them through leveling up or using evolution stones, if applicable.
  8. Story and Progression: The main storyline and progression of events in Moemon Revival Ruby should generally follow the original Pokémon Ruby game. However, there might be slight modifications or additions to enhance the Moemon experience.