Pokemon Nebula Download (v1.1) Completed

Pokemon Nebula

Pokemon Nebula is a fan-game by Paradox Made Using RPG MAKER XP, Essentials v17.2 in english. And it is now available to download.

Download Pokemon Nebula RPG MAKER XP Fan Game

Language: English
Creator: Paradox
Version: Completed
System: RPG Maker XP
released : Mar 19, 2023

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Plot Summary

After the events in the Alola region, Kanto 2.0 was built as an extension of the old Kanto,
You’ll meet a lot of similar faces and an old rival, but don’t be fooled, the challenges are much harder than before, and here’s the kicker: all the evil teams you’ve encountered in the official predecessor games are in an organization called “Unity” together to conquer the world (BTW: this isn’t a Rainbow Rocket Script, it’s a whole bigger one. As you can see, your task is not only to become a champion, but also to make sure that your world doesn’t collapse.


  • Gen 5 style mapping
  • Movie scenes
  • mega evolution
  • Follow Pokemon
  • Extreme challenges
  • Different outfits for trainers are found in the game
  • 24/7 gym: a gym that you can train in anytime you want
  • the chance catching some legendaries in the post game



Game made by:
AmirX3(Writer,mapper,eventing,spriting,logo creator,tester)
Mina Emad “Mega”(interior Mapping)

Music made by:
Robert Russell
Andrew G
Guardians by Evan King

Mapping supervisor by:

Map creator :