Pokemon Bronze GBC Rom Download

Pokemon Bronze GBC Rom

Pokemon Bronze is a GBC ROM Hack based on Pokemon Gold inspired by Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Prism in English. And it is now available to download.

Pokemon Bronze GBC Rom Hack

  • Creator: Freako
  • Version: v1.21
  • Hack by: Gold
  • Updated on: February 14, 2014


Pokemon Bronze GBC

You explore the Kohto region in Pokemon Bronze, located southwest of Kanto (and connected via an underground path). It is lush with varied routes and 9 cities. As usual, there are 8 Gyms with slightly higher level Pokemon than in Gold/Silver, so the adventure is a bit more leisurely. Although the Bronze Kanto region isn’t fully accessible, there are some areas that were removed from the region in Pokémon Gold/Silver that can be explored again.


The story is a typical Pokemon game set in a new region, namely Kohto. Your character starts in a city, as is the case in most games. They meet the professor and get the Pokemon of their choice. Then set off to start your own adventure of catching Pokemon and becoming the best trainer of them all.


You can choose from three starters: Charmander, Totodile and Pichu. It’s an interesting mix of starters. The roster presumably goes all the way to Gen 2 as the creator says this is a homage to those Gameboy games.

Although there isn’t much information about the other features, we can assume that Gen 2 mechanics apply to this hack as well. Don’t forget to explore the new Kohto region which is a combination of Kanto and Johto, so it’s worth the time to check it out.

Also, be sure to check out the Pokemon Yellow too.

List of Features

  • The Pokemon list goes all the way up to Gen 2
  • Charmander, Totodile, and Pichu are available as starters
  • Eight bosses to fight against
  • You can potentially catch all Pokemon available in the game