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Pokemon Zenith

Download Pokemon Zenith RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: Skyflyer
  • Version: Beta
  • Updated on: December 14, 2022

Pokemon Zenith is a Skyflyer RPGXP FanGame made with Pokemon Essentials. And it’s now available for download.

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Immerse yourself in the Pokémon world and live a new experience where wild Pokémon are more alive than ever. Obtain your own trainer license and use it to enter the Heiko region by joining the contender tour. You have to overcome the eight fitness studios in the region. However, these differ from the usual ones, since in each of them there are different rules of battle. You’ll also have to survive an intense tournament that will give you the chance to face off against one of the strongest fighters in the region. However, the region is threatened by a great danger that not only endangers Heiko, but the entire Pokémon world.


  • Observe wild Pokémon along the routes before you face them full-size.
  • Animated sprites in battle, also with animated shadows and unique battle backgrounds.
  • Numerous original regional and early forms.
  • Side missions, with registration in the menu.
  • Internal day and night system.
  • Assembly system with own Pokémon.
  • Mysterious gifts to download online.
  • New mechanics never seen in other games.
  • Possibility to play on PC and mobile.