Pokemon Zeta & Omicron Game Download

Pokemon Zeta & Omicron 

Pokemon Zeta & Omicron is a fan games by LunarDusk made using RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials in english. And It is now available to download.

Download Pokemon Zeta & Omicron Fan Games

Made usingRPG Maker XP
UpdatedSunday, July 25, 2023

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Pokemon Zeta And Omicron take place in the Vesryn Region. However, when Team Asgard (Zeta) and Olympus (Omicron) begin their relentless assault on the region, taking over cities and capturing legendaries, the gauntlet falls to the young son/daughter of one of the most well-known Champion of the world.

Explore the Vesryn and Aroma Regions, meeting already known characters such as Oak, N, Cyrus and Red in an epic battle for supremecy and mortal deification. Will you rise to the challenge?


  • Multiple Save Files
  • All 649 Pokemon as well as 27 ones from XY *(See note 1)
  • All Mega Evolutions from XY as well as 13 custom ones *(See note 1)
  • 2 1/2 regions
  • A “Custom Move”- a move that you get to choose the name and type for, and acts as a physical Hidden Power!
  • Custom Gym! Lead it yourself, choose your own type and so on! (this won’t be available until the Battle Frontier)
  • A new take on the Secret Base, with upgrades galore! Including: a trader, gen 2-5 starters, mining, EV resetters, people to train against, Costume vendors and much more!
  • Pokemon Followers! The first ‘mon in your party follows you around!
  • Randomizer Mode
  • Fancy-shmancy Nuzlocke Mode
  • Delta Pokemon a-la-TCG. Why don’t you find yourself a Grass-type Snorlax, a Steel/Fairy Jirachi or a Ice/Steel Aggron?
  • Shadow Pokemon (inc. weather trio, and yes Miror B has his music), Triple Triad and all those awesome Essentials features.
  • HM Items! HMs are still in the game, but you can also find items to replace them after you get them. For example: after getting Strength, try looking in a nearby cave for the Dolly!
  • Mac Support!
  • IV Changers, who at the cost of a certain rare items can help fix your Pokemon’s genetic traits.
  • Fun new moves!
  • A lot of default problems with other Essentials games- EXP problems, Illusion and some other abilities, Life Orb fixed.



Because of the age of Pokemon Zeta & Omicron games, a few of the features and aspects of the game may seem outdated and or unoriginal. Please read through these notes and keep these in mind as you look into playing the game.

  1. These games originally came out before XY were officially released. When these games were announced, not all of the mechanics and pokemon of XY were fully revealed, and because of this TheSuzerain had rushed adding generation 6 pokemon and mechanics, which have caused some continuity issues with the game in terms of stats, movesets, and the availability of certain pokemon. Although I would love to add these features, doing so would break the game for older save files of Zeta/Omicron, and unfortunately that is not something I can fix due to the limitations of RPGmaker.
  2. A lot of the sprites are old, not the cleanest, and look wonky. These games were originally made by two 15 year old kids who had very little knowledge of what they were making, so the art is not the best when compared to newer projects. that being said, it is still a fun and entertaining game, and there are many fan created sprite packs that help improve various aspects of the game’s quality.



I couldn’t have made this game all-by-myself. Here is the credits list: people I couldn’t have done it without!

Nintendo/GameFreak – for Pokemon (The game we all know and love)

Enterbrain – for RPG Maker, the program this game is created with

Maruno/Poccil/Flameguru – for Pokemon Essentials, filled to the brim with poke-scripts and sprite