Pokemon Empyrean Download (v1.1) Complete

Pokemon Empyrean Download

Pokemon Empyrean is a fan-made Pokemon game by Stochastic using RPG Maker XP. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 11th, 2023.

Download Pokemon Empyrean Fan Game Complete 

Versionv1.1 Completed
UpdatedFebruary 11th, 2023

The game features updated mechanics as well as some original content. It added types, multiple fakemon, custom sprites, and a whole lot more. The game is big when it comes to size, at half a gigabyte. But when you play Pokemon Empyrean, you realize that everything it contains is worth it.

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The story takes place in the Omuran region after the last evil team, the “Vordev Group”, was defeated by a team of Pokemon Agents headed by your father Hal. Although the group was defeated, some of its core members managed to escape. Today, You and your father arrive in Selene Town to take a vacation, but Hal is soon informed that the remains of the group were found and he flees. Unfortunately things don’t end well and Hal is captured by the remnants of the group, allied with a mysterious being. You have two missions: you want to be the best Pokemon trainer and to save your father.


  • Over 20+ Starter Pokemon to Choose from
  • Choose from several characters to play as
  • Several Fakemon available
  • Fusion is in the game
  • Three unique types (Data, Gold, and Light)
  • Mega Evolution
  • Updated type charts
  • New and custom items
  • Several items can be crafted


Pokemon Empyrean



How do I speedup the game?

Alt key. You can choose between toggle/hold in the Options Menu.

Can we get Hidden Abilities/Dream Abilities?

Yes, with the use of Dream Candies. They can be found as items in the wild, and there are 6 total in the current build. You cannot get regular abilities this way (so no Hustle -> Serene Grace Togekiss).

How do I evolve trade Pokemon?

Either by leveling up to a certain level, or leveling up during the day (< 6 PM) while holding the item they would usually hold in a trade (for example Scyther -> Metal Coat -> Level up during the day -> Scizor). Check the links below for details on each evolution.

Does Pokemon Empyrean use gen 7 movesets?

Yes, USUM level up learnsets and egg moves are used. TM learnability is weird though; the Gen 5 TM list is used and compatibility varies from mon to mon.