Pokemon Acceptance Download (v3.11 Completed)

Pokemon Acceptance

Pokemon Acceptance is an RPG Maker XP Fan Game running on Pokemon Essentials 17.2 using a gen 5 style tileset. This game was solo developed by Tpick, a first time game developer who started development in May 2020.

Download Pokemon Acceptance Fan Game Completed

Creator: Tpick2211
made in: RPG Maker
Version: Completed
Updated: Monday, July 17, 2023

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Pokemon Acceptance game is set in the same setting/map as the Wii spin-off, PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond, and takes place several years after the events of that game. This game is also heavily linked to Pokemon Colosseum and is set a few years before this game. But don’t worry, you don’t need to have played either game to understand the storyline!

Most of the wild Pokemon in this game (as well as the opposing trainers) have End Evolutions that don’t exceed 480 BST. This game is a story-driven adventure (no gyms/leagues!) that encourages the player to try new Pokemon they’re new to and creates an environment for those Pokemon to shine in! Find a large number of TMs, movement tutors and other power-ups to unlock their full potential!


A mysterious barrier appears around the PokePark, causing many people and Pokemon to disappear. Professor Rowan sends Gary Oak and his young assistant Grace (you) to investigate the disorder. Once there, you’ll find that civil war has broken out in the PokePark! The sinister one has kidnapped Phione while all the powerful Pokemon that normally protect the park are gone. One even recruited trainers, who are usually considered heroes, to his cause. It’s up to Grace to join the resistance and save the park from within!


  • No gyms/league! A story driven adventure to save the PokePark.
  • Fake mega evolutions! Current List: Frosslass, Delibird, Ludicolo, Dunsparce, Kecleon, and Raichu. See one you wish I had? Let me know! I may still add more!
  • Follower Pokemon like in HG/SS
  • Talk to Pokemon! Interact with wild Pokemon, and see their reactions with portraits from Super Mystery Dungeon!
  • Alternate currency system! Just like in PokePark, some vendors won’t accept PokeDollars, but rather berries in exchange for goods and services.
  • New Sound effects! From menu selections to getting items, almost every sound effect has been replaced by sounds from other games.
  • Music Variety! Every single area has new battle music for both wild and trainer battles. Many event battles also have unique music, as well as changing music for cutscenes. There’s also a large variety of victory and intro music for trainer battles.
  • Move tutor/TM system. “Cove Town” in the center of the map has an unprecedented number of move tutors and TM sellers, allowing you to reach the highest potential you can with your team! You can even unlock 2nd/hidden abilities or Perfect your IVs/EVs! Assuming you have the right berry currency, that is!
  • “Starter Cave” An early game cave containing all 27 starters from gen 1-9!
  • New way to train: Level up at special computers with simulation battles against over 90 trainers from the main series and anime! Gym Leaders, rivals, villains and Elite 4 from the first 7 regions await!
  • Sewer mini game! Dodge teleporting Abras, bubble blowing Corphish, and wild poison types while you rebuild a bridge to get a reward of berries and other items!
  • Mixture of both roaming wild encounters like the Wild Area, and random tall grass encounters.


  • v 0.1.5 and before = beta testing versions
  • v 1.0 = First release!
  • v 2.0 = Full version! goes until end of main story
  • v 2.1 = Fixed bug freezing pond and slight trainer updates.
  • v 2.2 = Fixed Sewer Bridge
  • v 2.3 = 2 Bugs fixed, Dewott giving reward too early, and Audino event not triggering if player retreats back to Windmill Way after crossing the lake.
  • v 2.4 = New fake mega evolutions, a few bug fixes, and begins the post-game quest
  • v 3.0 = Game is complete!
  • v 3.2 = Bug fixes: Frosslassite, G Darmanitan, Draining Kiss, and Furfrou catch.
  • v 3.3 = Bug Fixes: Orre Desert when declining to leave, Wailmer fix when fainting on boardwalk, sprite repositions
  • v 3.4 = Small tile updates, spelling fixes, falkner simulator fix
  • v 3.5 = 40+ small changes, largely thanks to seeing HeroVoltsy’s playthrough of the game!
  • v 3.6 = Android friendly! Ash Greninja now obtainable.
  • v 3.7 = Mawile vanishing fix. Gen 8 roaming fix. Small visual fixes.
  • v 3.8 = Hisui forms now available! Head east of Verdant Court to find them!
  • v 3.9 = fixed new bug from 3.8 where mawile may not appear for some players in the fall route
  • v 3.10 = Gen 9 Pokemon initial release!
  • v 3.11 = Added H-Lilligant, small bug fixes.




See the .txt file for a longer version that also includes links to some amazing people’s work! There is also a credits list at the end of the Pokemon Acceptance.
Pokemon Acceptance by Tpick2211, a first-time fan game developer
This game would never have been possible without the many resources made available by the very talented people who worked on this game! Also Try Pokemon Infinite Fusion.