Pokemon Emerald DX GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Emerald DX

Download Pokemon Emerald DX GBA ROM

Creator: daninrl
Version: Beta v0.5
Hack by: Emerald
Updated: April 2022

Pokemon Emerald DX is a GBA ROM Hack by daninrl based on Pokemon Emerald. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in April 2022.

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Pokemon Emerald DX is an enhanced version of the classic GBA adventure, offering a satisfying mix of mechanical enhancements while staying true to the original game. With overhauled graphics, improved quality of life and some new mechanics, you can experience the Hoenn region in a whole new light!

Major quality of life/mechanics changes

  • Added the Fairy type, along with a few moves to support it.
  • The division into physical and special has been introduced.
  • Badge Boosts have been removed
  • EXP sharing is now a key item that affects the whole party, but can also be toggled on and off.
  • EXP is granted when Pokemon are caught.
  • Pokemon that received a status boost in Gen 6 and 7 have had their stats improved.
  • Pokemon that evolve through trading can now also be evolved with items.
  • TMs are infinite. As a result, the rewards of some shop inventories and the pickup skill have been adjusted.
  • A lot of minor adjustments and bug fixes.

New content

  • The PokeDex has been slightly expanded and now even includes 400. The newly added Pokemon are mostly Eevelutions and some cross-gen evolutions (but not all) to catch some of the less common types. In a future update I might add Alolan forms.
  • All 400 Pokemon can be acquired in a single playthrough. Swapping is not necessary!
  • The National Dex is available from the start.
  • Follow Pokemon!
  • A day/night cycle has been added, and Pokemon encounter rates will change based on the time of day.
  • A move deleter and specialty shops can be found at POKEMON LEAGUE SERVICES, replacing the Wireless Club at most PokeCenters.
  • Added mints to control the nature of Pokemon.
  • Vitamins now increase IVs directly, and Supplements have been introduced to lower IVs (if you want to customize your Hidden Power).
  • All Mystery Gift Event content is accessible in-game via new sequences in the postgame.
  • A DOJO has been added in Slateport City. You can challenge these trainers for EV training.
  • Various daily events from NPCs to get items or gifts.
  • Red, Blue, and Leaf have minor appearances and are available daily for post-game battles.
  • NEW! The first BEACH-TYPE Pokemon game – deliver packages to the Petalburg Post Office to earn some extra cash every day!
  • NEW! Ferry trainers are now available for rematches on every trip as an alternative way to earn EXP after the game.

Aesthetic Changes

  • GEN 4 Style Sprites: I’ve always found Gen 3 sprites unattractive and I find that the Gen 4 style sprites fit the aesthetic of the Gen 3 tilesets well without looking too large.
  • Battle Backgrounds: Full art backgrounds replace the floating tiles.
  • Follower Pokemon: Some of the larger Pokemon will look weird following you, and some people might not be fans, so followers can be toggled on and off in the options!

Update Log – Beta v.0.5

(4/5): Major update. See publications for hints! Updating is recommended, savegames should stay compatible.

(4/3, once again): Fixed an issue with New Mauville Buttons that was preventing progression! This is a critical issue; it is highly recommended to update, and your saves should stay compatible!

(4/3, again): Fixed an issue with the town of Lilycove and corrected the town encounter tables.

(4/3): Fixed an issue with Lanette.