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Pokemon Untamed

Pokemon Untamed is a RPG Maker XP Fan Game by Youtuber Subjectively Made with Pokémon Essentials V20.1 in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on february 11, 2023.

Download Pokemon Untamed RPG Maker XP Fan Game

Project Title: Project Untamed
Language: English
Creator: Subjectively
Version: Demo v1.0.2
Team Name: Team Untamed Full credits attached in a text file
Kit used: Pokémon Essentials v20.1

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Plot Outline

“In ancient times, the Mazah region was divided into two distinct societal groups: the Imata tribe, and the Katalu empire.
The Imata were a peaceful people, living off the land and following the Pokémon that shared their desert home. The Katalu ruled over the vast jungles and established a sprawling empire with cities and structures that towered over the land.
Each civilization followed the teachings of a separate deity. The Katalu were followers of Hylarmos, the first hunter. The Imata worshipped Maripome, the first hunted.
The story goes that when the Mazah region was inhabited by only Pokémon, Hylarmos and Maripome set the ecosystem in balance. Hylarmos as the first predator, and Maripome as the first prey. When humans began to inhabit the land, some favored the ways of the predator: stagnant, unchanging, and always hungry for more. Other humans sought out the life of prey: ever moving, in fear of being caught, looking forward to a better future.
After some time, the Katalu began to exhaust their resources. Depleting their jungle home of food, they sought to conquer what little the Imata had. They unleashed Hylarmos using special jewelry to control it. The Pokémon wreaked havoc over the land, laying waste to both the jungle and the desert, consuming everything in its path. In a desperate attempt to save their people, the Imata released their guardian, Maripome.
Enticed by this ultimate prize, Hylarmos pursued its ancient rival. The ensuing chase caused more destruction than either civilization anticipated, and they were forced to work together to seal away both Pokémon in a sacred tomb.
As the years went, by the remnants of the Katalu and Imata civilizations slowly unified. The land was no longer divided, and it adopted a new name: the Mazah region. While the empire of the Katalu and the tribes of the Imata have faded into history, their mentalities persist in their descendants. Some believe the only way to succeed is to remain hungry and ruthless. Change brings about destruction, and tradition must reign supreme. Others live more progressive lives, seeking to break out of the routines of old and blaze a new trail for the Mazah region.”

The contrasting themes of the Mazah region are modernism versus tradition.

Professor Ceiba of the region is researching the relationship between Pokémon and the culture of the region. She wants to find out how Pokémon influences the traditions of people. For this reason, she gives the player a starter Pokémon from a set of three that have historically contributed to the culture of the region. She also advises that the player take on the gym challenge to learn more about the culture of each town and learn more about Pokémon.

Evil Teams:

Eon Faction (Traditional):
They are inspired by the old kingdom of Katalu that worshiped Hylarmos. They believe their way of thinking is correct and that breaking out of routine is dangerous for the region. They have ignored new ideas even if they benefit the Mazah region and its people. The current Eon Faction are landowners and usually pass down their accumulated land through generations, hoarding property and housing and making affordable housing impossible in some areas. Also Try Pokemon Abstract.

Neo Collective (Progressive):
They are inspired by the old tribes of Imata that worshiped Maripome. Although they are progressive and believe in breaking out to find new ways of improving the old, they will sometimes ignore traditions such as respect for ancestors and their way of life, even when those traditions provide a moral compass. They are more technologically advanced but never stay in the same place for more than a while which makes it difficult for their families to take root and develop a strong bond with their region. They go around the Mazah region looking for opportunities for progress (new tech and business opportunities, sometimes at the inconvenience of the local residents).

Current Features

  • Objective (Quest) log – we plan to have many side quests in addition to the main quest line, and the main objective to progress in the story will remain tracked so players can check up on their objective and remember what to do after taking a break from the game.
  • Following Pokémon
  • Pronoun selection
  • Normal/Hard Difficulty
  • New region, new fakemon and regional variants, of course (check them out on the Subjectively YouTube channel)

Planned Features (subject to change)

  • Number of Towns: 7+
  • Number of Cities: 3+
  • Additional Pokédex entries are planned for some Pokémon. These “CultureDex” entries add to the lore of the region and unlock via optional quests as rewards at times. This is planned because the region’s professor studies how the Pokémon in the region have influenced the culture.
  • Mega Evolution (+ new megas)
  • Camping + Pokémon Amie
  • Pokémon Contests



How to Play the Pokemon Untamed Demo

Pokemon Untamed Version 1.0.2 of the demo is out!

NOTE: it’s still in development stages and you might get stuck somewhere

  1. Delete the entirety of the game you have so far if you have it. This will not delete your save file. This must be done to avoid any clashing of project versions.
  2. Download the zip file.
  3. Extract the zip file and double-click Game.exe
  4. NOTE: If you are on MacOS, you might need to download a program called Wineskin Winery to run .exe file