Pokemon Flora Sky GBA ROM Hack Download

Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky, a GBA ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald, is now available to download! This hack features all 386 Pokemon from Generations I-IV, as well as new sprites and a new story. If you’re a fan of Pokemon Emerald, be sure to check out Pokemon Flora Sky!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Flora Sky GBA Rom Hack

  • Creator: Sky
  • Version: Final Version
  • Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
  • Updated: August 7, 2016


Pokemon Flora Sky, a GBA ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald, combines the first five generations of Pokemon in one game that is available in two versions: the Main Version and the Complement Dex Version. Each version has its own unique starter Pokemon, world map, and cities. The game also features a new story and changes to Pokemon attacks and evolution requirements. With all 386 Pokemon to collect and a new challenge to face, Pokemon Flora Sky is a must-have for any Pokemon fan.

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  • New story
  • New events For Legendary Pokemon
  • New characters
  • 386 Pokemon in the hack with new sprites
  • New moves, maps, items, HM’s
  • New minigame
  • Day Night System with daily events
  • Main Legendaries: Shaymin, Giratina, Dialga. After beat E4: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquza, Mew, Arceus

Changes in Complement Dex

  • All missing Pokemon in the main version
  • All Trio Pokemon with 580 base stat and Heatran will decrease to 520
  • Fixed Magmar’s Shiny Palette, Uxie’s stats, decrease the base stats of Darmanitan
  • Increase the level of trainers after the Pokemon League


Download Flora Sky



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